Complete Organic Fertilizer (COF) and seedmeal -- where to buy?

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I've been reading Steve Solomon's recommendations of using Complete Organic Fertilizer (COF) as the key mix to improve fertility, with compost or manure as more of a general supplement or organic material. The idea is that COF has a better balance of the right nutrients.

Unfortunately, the key ingredient in the various COF mixtures that Solomon proposes is seedmeal. I have been unable to find bulk seedmeal for sale locally, even though I live in a rural area. Tractor Supply doesn't seem to carry it, and a posting on a local online board asking for suggested places to purchase it did not receive any responses.

Has anyone on TGN found a good source for affordable seedmeal in quantities appropriate for a garden, not a tiny package that could only support at a few potted plants? Suggestions welcome. Even if the source you list is not available in my area, it may give me ideas to check out.


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    Steve Solomon also recommends Down-To-Earth fertilizer as a possible alternative.

    I did the math and recognized that it was about the same to purchase the pre-mixed fertilizer as it was to mix my own. In the past I have bought all of the different amendments and created my own variation. Recently, like you, I found some parts hard to source.

    I don't use a lot of fertilizer: I prep my beds with compost, add it at the start of the season, use it once midway, and then spray with homemade compost tea. I bought a single bag and will have plenty for next year even given my large garden. My plants were vigorous and healthy this year! I also add ground egg shells and azomite rock dust. I can't remember if I add my own greensand or if the DTE includes it in the mix.

    Something for you to consider if you can't find all of the parts and pieces for the COF.

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    I need to continue researching this. David the Good recently started an experiment with fertilizing different beds with different amendments. Since he is starting from extremely poor soil (confirmed by lab test), this will be very interesting to watch.

    Most of the nutrients in my beds come from a mix of homemade compost and locally-bought high quality compost. Vermont banned aminopyralids a while back, so buying (local) compost is less risky here than in many other locations.

    The goal of COF would be to add some of the minor ingredients beyond NPK that may not be in my compost either.

    Always something new to research and try!