How is your Turmeric patch doing??

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I wanna know... is there anybody else growing Turmeric? I started a pot early this year with some rhizomes I bought at a local co-op. I stuck them into the dirt and was worried because it took a while to grow. I thought it had rotted... It's growing now!! I have been studying up on the benefits of Turmeric as an anti-inflammatory. I think this will be a great addition to my herb garden. What do you think?


  • Lisa K
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    I have a container with 3 plants coming up and I have one plant coming up in the shade garden raised-bed. I had one in another raised-bed but when the Ash tree shed it leaves and it got really hot it appears to have died.

  • SandyMcWhoo?
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    oh wow.... I am new to growing Turmeric and I have really high hopes that it will be productive!

  • Monek Marie
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    I grow mine in the house due to my climate. Thye are doing well. I am also growing ginger this fall and winter. I hope its as successful

  • SandyMcWhoo?
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    I will take a picture of mine tomorrow 😀

  • Cornelius
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    I tried growing ginger and in the spring it kind of just rotted away a year ago. I will probably try again next spring.

    Turmeric medicinally is awesome, but when using it in food a little goes a long way (I learned this the hard way).

  • Lisa K
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    Below are pictures of Turmeric in the pot and in the garden (with some parsley).

  • Wendy
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    Is it really that easy to grow Turmeric and Ginger? Mine would probably have to be in a pot in Vermont, but I think I'll try some this winter.

  • SandyMcWhoo?
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    Im pleased with how easy it grew...but i think we need some feeding with the lower yellowness. What do you think?

  • kbmbillups1
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    I have organic turmeric, ginger,& horseradish growing in my garden that I bought at the store. The horseradish has gown fine since I saw it sprouting in the store but I thought the squirrels had dug up the turmeric and ginger last winter. Nope, the have grown really well this summer. Can't wait to use some of each one!

  • Grounded
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    Have thought about growing ginger and turmeric before, but for some reason didn't think they would grow well indoors. I am now thinking about trying this winter along with horseradish.

  • jowitt.europe
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    Thank you all for inspiring ideas. I will try to grow both: Ginger and Turmeric. We have slices of turmeric every day for strengthening our immune systems and for preventing cancer.

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    @SandyMcWhoo? The leaves get yellow this time of year. (In the northern hemisphere) The plant is just going dormant. The longer that I have mine, the shorter the dormant period seems to get.

    I have to haul all of my tropical plants in for the winter this week. :o( I wonder how much it costs to have a freight elevator installed...

  • Lisa K
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    I found horseradish to be easy to grow and in So. Calif it starts to die back in the heat since it loves water but come late winter early fall it comes back. Like @kbmbillups1 I started growing it when I saw it sprouting at the store.

    This was the first year -

    This was this Spring - 2020