Sweet scented Aster?

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So I started seeds last year that, unless my memory is worse than I thought, were labeled as aromatic aster. It bloomed with little white flowers and wasn't anything spectacular, but I'd gotten the seeds for free, and at least it was another pollinator. The bees adore it. This year the plants grew bigger than last year, and popped up all over the lawn. There is one in the middle of the path in my vegetable garden, that is close to 6 ft high and several feet wide. A few weeks ago I happened to get a whiff of the flowers- they have the most amazing honey/vanilla scent. Well, I figured it makes sense, given the name. I was just getting ready to post about them here when I decided to look up a picture- I keep forgetting to take one until after dark. Welllll, every picture I looked at shows a purple aster, including the shop I got my seeds from. After a little more research, I think I have Symphyotrichum pilosum, also known as the frost aster or hairy white aster. It's known to spread like crazy, but I have only found one brief mention of its scent.

So anyone else think they have this?