Canning Lids

I successfully completed my first attempt at water bath canning over the weekend. I had so much fun. I believe I will be addicted soon. When I bought my jars I didn't even think about buying extra lids. With it getting harder to find the lids in the stores I have been looking online. I'm very nervous to purchase them from a company that I'm not familiar with. And being a newbie I only know of Ball. Can anyone make any suggestions of other companies or of what to look for to make sure that I'm getting something that will be safe to use and work properly?




  • Torey
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    I'm in Canada so we are a bit more limited. Bernardin is what is most commonly available and they are good lids. We used to be able to get Ball, Kerr and Golden Harvest lids. Not sure why we are not importing them any more. They are all good lids. I bought several packages on sale at a Dollar Store called "Snap-tite". After several non-sealers with those, I only use them now for lids on dry storage items, like herbs. Don't want to risk any more waste due to not sealing.

    I think as long as you stick to major brand names you should be OK.

  • Acequiamadre
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    I use Ball and Kerr. I have tried, in a pinch, cheaper lids. As much as I love generic items, this is one place where I have not found the same quality as in the name brands. Lower sealing rate than with the canning brands.

    Given the time to grow, harvest, process, and store canned goods, I would recommend the tried-and-true brands here if you can find them. If you can't, check the seal and reprocess if needed (or stick those in the fridge to use first).

    Good luck and welcome to the canning club!

  • KimWilson
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    I have not yet been able to access lids since the beginning of the canning season. Having had failures when using other brands, I only buy Ball and Kerr.

  • burekcrew86
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    Lids are tricky to find right now. A lot of new folks to canning this year, which I think is wonderful! Planning ahead for next year.

  • Melissa Burford
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    I too only buy Ball and Kerr. I've found unused (unopened) lids/rings at yard sales and my local thrift stores. Fortunately I already had what I needed, but I know a lot of people have not been able to find what they needed/wanted this year and many stores couldn't keep what little they had in stock.

  • Michelle D
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    Thanks for the advice! Follow up question: What are the pros and cons of using Tattler lids?

  • tomandcara
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    @Michelle D I have been happy with the tattler lids and they have stayed sealed for many yars. To me the only downside is cost.

  • solarnoon.aspen
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    We haven't been able to find lids in stores for weeks now. So, we started to prioritize our canning.

    Then, an older neighbour friend, who's wife passed away a year ago told me that she had stored enough lids for 100 years! lol He was kidding of course, but he showed me the drawer full of just what we needed. He wasn't ever going to use them, so he packed me home with several boxes. OMG, good luck.

    Bernardin are the most common here where I live in canada.

  • dipat2005
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    It just dawned on me that you might be able to barter to get canning lids. In our Craig's List here we have a bartering section. I found a box of 10 jars and rings for large mouth jars. All I have are the narrow mouth jars in pints. I also use Ball and Kerr.

  • Michelle D
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    I have been checking a few places that i know typically get regular shipments of Ball products. One of them got a shipment in on Thursday. I got there first thing in the morning Friday. They had jars but were not able to get lids. I did purchase more jars and I'm glad I got there when I did because another customer came while I was there and bought all of the jars that they had left! I'm also going to give Tattler lids a try. I order a few. I'm excited 😁