Herbals for stress headache?

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Besides, the relaxing herbs like valerian, what do y'all recommend for the pain of a stress headache?


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    California poppy, tulsi, passionflower, lemon balm or verbena, some are having great pain relief with wild lettuce. Hope it's better soon!

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    Rosemary Gladstar makes a lovely tasting tea. She calls it headache tea. It has 1 part basil, 1/4 part chamomile or lavender flower & 1 part lemon balm. Use 2 tsp./c. of boiling water, infuse 10-15 min. Strain. Drink warm/at room temp. It is one of my most favorite herbal teas...so sweet!

    She says also to soak your feet in hot water & add lavender essential oil if you wish.

    This recipe is from her Medicinal Herbs, A Beginners Guide book.

    She has a migraine tincture as well with California poppy, feverfew & lavender bud. I may just try that one day. It is much easier to cart that around for if needed than tea!

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    All of the above are great suggestions.

    If you are under a great deal of stress, you must take care of you other physical needs. That can be the cause of some headaches. So make sure you are properly hydrated. Are you eating properly? Cut back on sugar. Some people may use caffeine as a support during high stress but too much caffeine to cope with stress can aggravate headaches. If your blood sugars are not being managed you could experience headaches. High blood pressure, which may be stress related, can have headaches as a symptom. Try some high protein, high fibre snacks (hummus & veg, nuts & seeds, "Adaptogen Bliss Balls", etc.) to help balance blood sugars, manage blood pressure and help the body adapt to stress. If you aren't eating properly, then see about supplements to help your body manage the stress. Stress can upset the digestion greatly and the gut/brain connection is a strong one. Add some bitters to your diet to make sure your digestive system is working optimally so you can absorb the nutrients from your food.

    Adaptogens will help manage stress by controlling cortisol and adrenaline levels. Astragalus, Schisandra, Ashwaghanda, Tulsi, Rhodiola, Medicinal Mushrooms.

    A foot soak is a great idea, especially if you add epsom salts (or other magnesium salts) to let you absorb a bit of magnesium which will reduce muscle stress. You can add herbs to the foot bath as well.

    There are several essential oils that are recommended for headaches and to assist with stress. Find one that appeals to you personally. What works for some may aggravate others.

    Bach Rescue Remedy. Taken right at the beginning of a headache might help to stop it or reduce the severity.

    Willow bark is often recommended as a headache remedy. CBD may help relieve the pain as well as reduce stress levels.

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    Yes, great suggestions. Totally agree with @torey about making sure that you are properly hydrated and I make Rosemary Gladstar's tea that @LaurieLovesLearning suggested. I'll have to make a list off of these suggestions too. I use California Poppy tea to help me sleep sometimes.

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    @KimWilson I just posted a comment in the discussion about "what do you do with extra lemon balm" about a lemonbalm rose petal bath. My visiting stressed family member deals with stress headaches and found the bath "awesome" They don't use that word very much, so consider this an avenue worth exploring. A bath can also be rehydrating through absorption of water through the skin. I agree with @torey and @Melissa Burford that proper hydration can be a key factor in reducing stress headaches.

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    Thank you for asking this question because I'm happy to learn about how to manage headaches. I have tried peppermint tea both internally and as a compress but it didn't have much affect. I used to get frequent and pretty bad headaches but thank God I haven't had one in awhile. I noticed that ever since I started the 14 day sugar detox I feel much better. I think mine may have been attributed to sugar. I would say try giving up sugar and see if that helps you too. Prayers that you feel better soon.

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  • KimWilson
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    All of these suggestions are really appreciated and I will try them out. Thank you all so very much.

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    Maybe it could be related to what you eat -some kind of a food intolerance?

    You might also want to try black seed oil and massage it on your tempels.