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So full disclosure, I didn't know what pho was until I went to a Vietnamese restaurant with a friend. I was looking for a way to use veggies from my farm share and decided to try making some. It turned out so delicious I thought I'd share my (sort of traditional) recipe and you can basically add anything you want so it's a great way to use produce and herbs that are in abundance. I'm vegan but you could easily add meat and use a meat/chicken stock instead of vegetable. I also made my own stock but you could use store bought. Traditionally you add rice noodles but because you have to cook them separately I was feeling a little lazy and left them out and I didn't miss them. I added reishi mushroom slices to the stock for added flavor and nutrition and ginger for an asian feel.

8 to 12 cups stock

5 star anise

4 cloves

3 3" cinnamon sticks

2 green cardamom pods

1 T coriander seeds

Simmer for 30 minutes then strain.

Then add vegetables (and meat if going there) I used

Shitake mushrooms

pattipan squash



green beans

bok choi

mung beans

2 T soy sauce or braggs aminos

2t fish sauce ( I make a vegan one)

Simmer 30 minutes

Garnishes (use some or all)


thai basil


green onions


Put noodles (if using) in bowls add soup top with garnishes. Enjoy 😀


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    Sounds delicious! I love your additions of squash and mushrooms to make it heartier. I use my mother's traditional pho recipe from Laos. A trick you may consider using for the noodles is: right before you ladle out the broth into bowls, put your individual serving of noodles in a mesh strainer and submerge into the pot of broth while it's still on the stove. It will take under a minute to fully cook. Then you can throw the noodles in a bowl and add broth and everything else. I'm getting in the mood to make some now! =)

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    Sounds good! My husband and I had the best Ramen the other day at a Japanese restaurant. I was thinking of making my own too.

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    There is a Vietnamese restaurant near me that has an amazing Pho recipe. The make their own bone broth in the restaurant and everything. When I tasted it the first time I was hooked. I've tried to somewhat copy it at home too. But I think I'll give your recipe suggestion a try @annbeck62. It might be even closer to what I ate at that restaurant. Thank you for sharing.