Treating upper GI bleeding...

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I’m an old nurse and have seen big GI bleeds and this is definitely not that. Unfortunately, it is bleeding and I don’t want (or at this point need) the whole scope and drug routine. I am monitoring carefully and will definitely report to the ER if it should become acute. I injured my knee pretty badly last Thursday and took Motrin with food, every 8 hours for several days. I have had ulcers in the distant past and I suspect my gut just got chewed up again.

Now for what I am doing: I’m taking a tincture of mallow and yarrow and drinking yarrow tea but I am new to homeopathy and don’t know how often to drink the tea. I definitely could use recommendations for something that slows gastric motility too as I’m currently taking the pink, nasty stuff. I’m also dropping all hard foods and sticking to clear liquids along with potato soup made with my own bone broth several times a day.

Since I do have a connective tissue defect and refuse to “slow down and protect myself” as my GP recommends, I tend to injure myself pretty frequently. I need to know natural ways to treat huge amounts of inflammation while treating the strains of the tendons and ligaments that are the hallmarks of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

Thank you all for your invaluable advice and information! I wish I could give a huge hug to all of the great people across the categories that never fail to support, uplift, encourage and advise; your nurturing of others (that you will probably never know beyond a screen name) creates “ripples in the pond” whose effects are wide reaching and unknown but beautiful nonetheless!


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    Calling @torey...

    @Owl I can't remember who does homeopathy, but I know Torey keeps track of who does what better than me.

    I know that there are helps out there for inflammation and more. I just would not know the best pick nor the combinations & dosages.

    All the best to you as you pursue natural health helps here. 🤗 I am confident that you will find good suggestions to help in this situation.

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    I'm not a homeopath, so I can't answer your specific question. I think the yarrow tea taken cold may be better than hot. Canadian fleabane may also be helpful. I also think a few cups of mallow tea brewed fresh, instead of tincture may be better. I wonder if Pearly Everlasting (Anaphalis) may help, or a mild, soothing bitter like hops? @torey would know better than I.

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    Just signed on. Let me get back to you. I do agree with the yarrow tea, though. You could also add mullein to the blend. Cabbage juice is helpful for ulcerations. As you think this was caused by Motrin, that might be a good idea.

    @Owl. Are you experiencing any pain or cramping?

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    Following is a link to an article/study done on upper GI bleeding initiated by indomethicin. Aloe, Cabbage and Yarrow were the herbs used.  Marshmallow is a good addition to help heal the ulceration. Licorice root helps to increase mucous production, assisting in prevention and healing of ulcers. Use caution if you have high blood pressure. To prevent future episodes of reactions to pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories, you could try turmeric to assist with your joint pain or white willow bark. I have also had good results with suggestions of CBD for some of my clients.

    As to homeopathic remedies, you could try Hamamelis or Millefolium. Not sure if you will be able to find either in a health food store but you could order on Amazon. Because you were experiencing joint pain, Phosphorus might assist. There are other possibilities but would have to know more about your individual symptoms to get a good match. 

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    Torey, thanks so much for this! I’m not in any pain other than the knee that is currently poulticed with comfrey. The knee was wrenched pretty badly, I went down on top of it at a weird angle and it’s an artificial knee. The tendon on the inside lower quadrant of the knee that (apparently) attaches midway down the calf, in the back was definitely pushed way outside its comfort zone. The swelling was still significant but not nearly as bad as I expected. I did start ibuprofen, ice and elevation within 10 minutes of the fall.

    On the advice of my DO, before the fall, I just started using castor oil packs on my belly and I don’t know if I should continue that with my belly all mad. I also don’t know if the comfrey poultice should be done intermittently, continuously or what. Really, I know enough to know a smattering about what to do but, in an acute situation, I need a plan. With Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, my tendons and ligaments stretch beyond their normal range of motion easily but do not contract as they should. They are more like elastic in that old pair of underwear that you just haven’t gotten around to throwing out than the elastic in your new clothes.

    I would love to have a plan and the ingredients in place for next time I injure myself this way because all my joints are unstable and it will definitely happen again. I spent a bunch of years in bed or wheelchair so every muscle in my body atrophied horribly. I’ve been up almost 3 years now but I don’t have half the muscle I once had. Two days before the fall I joined a local gym to try to regain some of that muscle that holds me together but I haven’t been able to go back. Patience is not my greatest virtue but by the grace of God I’ll get through this too.

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    @Owl Following is a link to a page on Homeopathy for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. As you can see there are a few remedies listed for this condition. Because Phos is listed in the article and it is good for bleeding ulcers, it would probably be a good one for you to try. Phos is a bit more common and you could probably get it at a health food store.

    Tissue salts might be another thing to consider.

    If you would like to PM me, please do so and we could discuss this more privately.

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    Wow Torey! I just lost a couple of hours trying to get my head around the massive amount of information on that site and the great ones it led me to! I did order several cell salts to add to my arsenal and I plan to spend a lot more time sifting and trying to wrap my poor little brain around it all. Thanks so much!

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    Sorry, this is just one of those situations where ethically I can't answer the question online and even in a private session would have to refer out and recommend you see a doctor first before discussing herbs. If you don't want to see a Western-focused one maybe there's an integrative doctor in your area or even online that you could consult with?