Basil seed saving advice?

I got some great tasting organic Basil from a local gardener, and though I would try an experiment to see if I could let it go to seed in a vase full of water. I think it worked?

I'm trying to learn more about saving seeds-- don't know very much right now. I've done tomatoes and that's about it.

Any advice or tips or tricks? What part are the seeds? I am really am new at this, so like the kids on the internet say, "Explain this like I am five years old."

Thank you for any encouragement you can offer!


  • Tave
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    If the flowers were pollinated and formed seeds, there will be tiny black balls inside those seed pods. There should be several inside each one. I just strip the pods off the stem, then over a kitchen towel, rub them between my palms. The seeds fall onto the towel without rolling away, then I store them in a container in a cool dry place or immediately plant them.

    Heating the potting soil to 180°F to kill pathogens helps germination. Just put the soil on a baking sheet and heat in the oven, being careful not to overheat or burn it, then allow it to cool. In my experience, basil is very susceptible to damping off and if I don't sterilize the soil, the seedlings don't usually make it.

    It's great you're willing to experiment, that's how we learn.