How do you prepare a poultice?

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I have an injured knee and comfrey growing in the yard. I’ve been just putting the leaves in a bowl and beating them up until it looks somewhat like dog barf. Then I put it directly on my knee and wrap it with press & seal. I have done the classes for home medicine but my memory issues makes me question if I’m doing it right?


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    @Owl Does it feel better? We tend to over think these things. I would probably add a sticky matter like maybe honey or maybe an oil. I would wrap with plastic wrap and a flour sack. And apply heat. If its swollen I would toggle between heat n cold. Look what other pain relief or anti inflammatory herbs you have and add.

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    @Owl There are a couple of different ways you could do this. What you are doing is one way and it works pretty well for fresh leaves. If you are using dry leaves, I put them in a bowl and add a bit of hot water to hydrate the leaves a bit. Doc Jones talks about poultices in Module 8 of TGN's Making Herbal Medicine Course. He recommends leaving a poultice on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours. You could also add castor oil to the poultice if you have it as it will help reduce pain, inflammation and swelling.

    This is a link to the Herbal Academy's article on Poultices.

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    @Owl last year I had a sore knee and I made comfrey poultices. I had dried comfrey, I boiled it in water, 2 cups of comfrey to 2 ltrs water. I scooped the comfrey out of the water, put in chux cloth and then in a towel, dipped it in the hot comfrey water and wrapped it on my knee. Before bed I'd remove towel and wrap cling wrap around chux on my knee and sleep with it on all night. I would use the same boiled comfrey and water for 3 nights in a row, reheating the water in the microwave. Then ditch the lot, chux as well and then start another batch. I believe it helped my knee pain and swelling.