Favourite Rabbit Cage design?

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We're starting out with rabbits here at Alchemy Acres and are trying to figure out our systems. Right now it's a hodge-podge, but I'm leaning hard towards building a modified pastured poultry tractor for the growouts in Spring and keeping the breeding stock on wire. I'd like to hang the cages in the greenhouse this winter and then work on another more permanent solution for them next season.

Does anyone have favourite designs for cages specifically, and/or other rabbit habitats?


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    When we first started the does were not happy with the nesting situation we gave them. Lots of death and loss. Very upsetting m to say the least.

    We choose to add a dropped down area on one side of the hanging cage that we now call their bedroom. Since they have been able to jump down to nest we have had no more born on the wire, chewed up babies or thrown about by the momma.

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    I need to have a plan for my rabbits. With winter coming I know they need more protection from our strange weather.

    @LongTallDrink Love the idea of hanging pens in tehr greenhouse. I did not think of that but they would also add a natural heat to the greenhouse. I had thought about chickens in the greenhouse too. My concern with any animal was mice or rats beign attracted to ther greenhouse

    One benefit of animals in a greenhouse is ther ease of adding their manure to a greenhouse compost bin

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    @LongTallDrink I just finished the class for raising backyard meat rabbits and Anne-Marie discussed several types of cages, including a couple modified poultry tractors. In some places, rabbits are used to heat greenhouses in the winter.

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    Yes, rabbits hear greenhouses qite well. You can also add a compost pile. One set up I saw had rabbits high enough up above the fish to feed the fish rabbit droppings but not have the rabbits influenced by humidity