Recommended dual leaf shredders and wood chipper/shredders

Suburban Pioneer
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I'm looking for recommendations on leaf shredders and chipper/hreddrers for wood, brush and garden debris. I've seen several units that do both leaves and debris, but the reviews are terribly mixed. I need something that will shred leaves so I can take advantage of the "fall" to mulch my garden, and something to chump down the branches, sunflower stalks, brush and debris I've got heaped up in a massive compost pile waiting for winter. The debris is too coarse "as is" to break down in a year. I'd prefer an electric machine as those are more clean and avoid the hassle of using and storing gasoline and oil. Any suggestions?


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    Hey there @Suburban Pioneer

    We have a 4" gas chipper and shredder. It seems to work best with fresh trimmings. We use the shredder bin for the thin tops of trees. It does work with leaves too.

    It probably be ok with hollow stalks too.

    This is the model we've got. Had it about 2.5 years. We find that we don't use it as often as I thought I would.

    It's got a 12-1 ratio. Makes fine chips. Anything over 4" goes in the woodstove.

    Best of luck on your search for electric. They are coming out with great options with plenty of power. I've just found electric to be out of our budget right now.