Sandwiches: Classic Croque Monsieur


  • Paradox
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    YUM.. but I love the name... not quite translates to "Bite me, Mister"

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    Um..... wow! all I can say is yum!

  • silvertipgrizz
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    I can't see how this can possibly be healthy but.... it looks good to me too ! ! !

  • Tave
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    Looks delicious! I have found very useful information on The Spruce Eats site.

  • Granny Marie
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    That looks really good!

  • judsoncarroll4
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    That is one of my 5-10 favorite sandwiches! There is some legend and confusion as to how it was named. One tale is that the sandwich was kind of put together on the fly and over browned - it was referred to as the toasted sandwich of the guy who ordered it. Another was that it was made especially for the pig farmer or pork butcher... yet another is that it was merely a ham and cheese sandwich of a repairman, left on a radiator. Either way, it is GOOD! Along with the Monte Cristo (the count's favorite snack while gambling), the Reuben, the Club, the Italian sandwich/sub/grinder/hoagie, the Italian beef and the classic meatball sub.... and an honest hamburger... those, I will stop for, go out of my way for and buy! Oh yeah, and that great Vietnamese sandwich... the name escapes me... and a Cuban sandwich... and a classic grilled cheese ... and a pimento cheese!! But, 9 times out of ten, I'll have ham and swiss on rye, with kraut and brown mustard. Of course, roasted turkey or chicken is excellent with mayo, lettuce, tomato and creole seasoning. Oh, and Po Boys are heaven! Fr a Po boy, fried oysters or fish, or roast beef and gravy... all just amazing. Oh, then the ultimate of ultimates, the Muffuletta! But, don't forget fried egg and/or bologna! Ooops, almost forgot the legit, pit cooked over hardwood coals barbecue sandwich! Yeah, barbecue is awesome! Should we include hot dogs? Oh, then there is liverwurst and pickled onions! And, sausage and peppers with moz. I've edited this like 5 times already.....

  • Monek Marie
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    I make a sandwich a lot like this. In the winter its a perfect warming meal! I serve it with a homemade soup