I was recently talking with friends in SE Idaho about their 6 month old back deck addition. Since he lost his job due to Covid 19 he has been a stay at home dad to their toddler while she still works. He was digging holes last spring for the footings for the deck at a rate of roughly one hole per day during naptime after which he would cover the fresh hole with the overturned metal wheelbarrow. The next day he would go out and right the wheelbarrow and 2 - 3 voles would scurry out of the hole revealing 4 or 5 dead ones in the bottom of the hole. He said this happened in every single hole that he dug & that he didn't realize before then that he had a vole problem AND a solution.

So I'm wondering if the voles were attracted to the warmth of the hole in the afternoon & then froze at night? Couldn't they escape by leaving the hole the way they got in?

Anyway, thought it was interesting.