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The common wealth school of herbs is a wonderful resource for new herbalists as well as those looking for a more advanced education. They have full programs as a family herbalist, community herbalist, clinical herbalist and programs to learn how to help in emergency situations. They also have individual courses on plants and on body systems to dive deeper. They also have an extensive youtube network with q and a and a free course on basic herbal care for common issues. I have had a few discussions with the herbalists that run the programs and Katja and Ryn are absolutely delightful. They are generous, compassionate and passionate about teaching others how to grow as herbalists and utilize herbs in their daily lives. I can't recommend them and their school enough. Check them out at


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    I agree! They are amazing people who are community minded and share their wisdom generously.

    For those who have been hit economically by COVID, they were running a "pay what you can" special where their classes were up to 50% off. They really strive to bring this information to the community!

    I am slowly working through several classes!

    Which ones have you tried?

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    I have their nettles and lavender mini courses as well as their community disaster response and emergency clinic management courses. I think so highly of both of them and their classes and God willing when I can afford to I'd like to take all of their stand alones.

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