Unclaimed property? be careful of scams, but it IS really possible you have money out there

Marjory Wildcraft
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Hey everyone,

I got a letter in the mail about some unclaimed money I had from an insurance policy on a property I used to own in Florida years and years ago. I was dubious of course, and I've owned a lot of property in my life. The company offered to do all the filing for me and take 20% cut of the approximately $800 owed me. I did some surfing around and saw that the company looked legit, but also that the paperwork wasn't that difficult. So I decided to do the refund from the State on my own. I filled in the application and then forgot all about it.

I was surprised a few months later to get a check for the $800. Wow!

Here is a link to an organization that can help you search to see if you have any unclaimed property - this is for the US - my apologies for our Int'l members. If you have links for your countries please list them in the comments!

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