Goat for sale - Purebred Nubian buck

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I have a really nice young (18 month old) registered Nubian buck (N002075725). He has champions all over his pedigree and comes from excellent milking lines. Healthy, closed herd. I'm downsizing... I really need to sell him so I'm cutting the price drastically. I'm in East Texas between Dallas and Houston. If you would like further information contact me at Span the Gulf @ gmail. Thanks!


  • MelissaLynne
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    He’s a handsome fella :)

  • tomandcara
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    @spanthegulf Gives me goat envy. Too bad we aren't in the position to talk about having him. :-(

  • seeker.nancy - Central Texas
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    I love Nubians! I miss mine but am not in a position now for that. Guess I need to find a friend with a Nubian herd that will allow me some "goat therapy" 😂

  • water2world
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    @spanthegulf Ohhhhhh I'm in love!! Nubians are on my want list!! (and he is such a handsome fella!)

  • shllnzl
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    Just an odd comment here: I was watching the Animal Planet channel last night and some people had a couple of goats. These goats used the trampoline alongside the children.

    Trampolining goats just seemed like the greatest, fun image that I am already more fond of them as animals. And yes, I do know that they can be difficult to keep under control.

    Again my husband is lucky that we didn't get a place out in the country!

  • burekcrew86
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    I love Nubians. Wish I was in a location to have goats. Dreaming and planning for “some day”.

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    I like his coloring!

  • spanthegulf
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    Thank you all for the kind comments! He is a sweetie! His mama was my best friend until she passed away (natural causes... old age) a couple of months after weaning him and his twin sister. She loved to be hugged and loved on and used to give me "butterfly kisses" on my cheek! How can you not fall in love!!! I've kept him mostly because of her! But now I am "buck rich"... so one of them has to go! 😥 But I still have his sister... in fact, she will be having her first litter in early 2021!

    @seeker.nancy - Central Texas if you're close enough to come for a visit, come get all the "goat therapy" you want! LOL I'm off I-45 about 2 hours south of Dallas.