Does anyone dehydrate milk?

I saw a you tube video by Sweet Adjeley( about how to dehydrate milk.

I never know you could! My brain says "You can't dehydrate a liquid, it will just run through your trays"!

Sweet Adjeley shows you how, it was great, I have been trying to come up with ways to have milk in long term storage, we're not a fan of the boxed/shelve stable milks.

She shows how to cook, spend the thicken milk onto trays, cut into small strips, cover and place in the sun, oven or dehydrator (she uses the sun), how long to dry it and what it should look and feel like, then how to make a powder. Adding this one to the long list of things I want to try!

If anyone would like the info, if you can't get the you tube, etc I can post it..


  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Interesting. I haven't watched it yet...but will.

    My questions are what temperatures does it reach, does it lose any health benefit, and what is it like reconstituted? Can you drink it and have no change in texture and flavor, or is it only good for baking? One long does it last in storage?

  • nksunshine27
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    wo i watch the video who would have ever thought. lol i wonder if you vacum seal it if it will last longer than 3 months. it seem like a lot of work but if you cant get powdered milk then this way you will have it. i wonder if you can do sour milk the same way so you have powdered sour milk for in place of butter milk