How do you keep animals water buckets from freezing?

bcabrobin Posts: 251 ✭✭✭

Looking for ideas on how you all keep water from freezing.

No electric to the barn, chicken coops area. So off grid ideas, please.

If it gets really cold the water in the goats barn will freeze, if its' mild sitting the buckets inside in a pile of hay helps, but when it gets into the teens and down, they freeze even there.

Have rubber buckets and that helps to break the ice if it's not thick.

Last year I tried wrapping the buckets in the wool from sheep shearing - it didn't keep the buckets from freezing.

Every year I've tried new ideas - it gets old quick when you have to carry water, ok not carry we have a sled with milk crates tied on, but you get the idea.

Also looking for ideas to keep the big tanks 250 gal. from freezing, again non electric ideas please.