Matt Powers Permaculture

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Matt Powers is now opening enrolment for The Advanced Permaculture Student Online 2021. This course is simply the BEST PDC I've ever encountered. Honestly, I cannot say enough good about it. I've taken 4 online/video PDCs - 2 taught by Bill Mollison himself, one with Geoff Lawton and one with Larry Korn. Matt's is the only one I ever completed for credit! Matt doesn't just repeat what Mollison wrote in "The Big Black Book", although he certainly covers everything in a traditional PDC and in greater depth than most. His course includes soil science with Dr. Elain Ingham, Mycology with Peter McCoy and SO much more! It also keeps going after the regular 120 hour PDC. Matt gives you access to books and videos on everything from bee keeping to starting a business. He does a live Q&A every week and real hands on mentoring. He is one of the nicest, most helpful guys you'll ever encounter. And, if you take his course I'll throw in this bonus here on TGN - you can contact me with any questions and I'll help you though it, as well. So, tell Matt I sent you... and he'll give me a small commission!