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The topic was "In this video, Marjory and Dr. Patrick Jones discuss 3 major differences between pharmaceuticals and herbal medicine—from philosophy and long-term efficacy to broad-spectrum bioavailability."

Some years ago someone gave me the following to reduce high blood pressure.

Grate a tablespoon of ginger from ginger root into a cup, pour some hot water over it (to make up a cup of warm drink), then squeeze all the juice of a lemon in with it, and drink all of it, after it cools off a bit.

Sometimes I swap the ginger for garlic so I do not end up with a horrible garlic breath when I have garlic raw. 

To get your daily dose of garlic without the leaving a garlic breath in your mouth, crush a clove or two with a garlic crusher, add some hot water then add all the juice of a lemon, when the temperature drops down. drink.


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    Welcome to TGN's forum @Eric Richards. You will learn about a wide variety of herbs and other remedies for your healing journey here on the forum. Lots of experienced people in a number of fields.

    How has the garlic or ginger combo been working for you?

  • Good Torey

    Before someone told me about the ginger+lemon recipe I used to go to the doctor all the time for antibiotics, now that has come to a end.

    Changing from ginger to crushed garlic was my own idea. Whenever I go to the doctor now I always have low end healthy blood pressure.

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    Welcome here, @Eric Richards! Glad to have you aboard!

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    Oil of oregano is also a great available antibiotic- anti microbial. Its also known as ADP in pill form from biotics.