The Secrets of Antiviral Herbs--Free webinar October 29-30.

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Saw this come through on my email. Not affiliated in any way. Looks interesting.

The Secrets of Antiviral Herbs October 29-30.

In this brand-new and timely webinar, Rosalee will clear up the misinformation being spread online and empower you with tools you can use this cold & flu season...

Understanding viruses and how antiviral herbs really work

How to know if an herb is actually antiviral or not (Also, which information to trust)

The 5 Stages of Winter Wellness (This is the key to knowing which herb to use and when to use it)

Herbs for upper respiratory infections

Is it still safe to use elderberry?

Going beyond antiviral herbs to eliminate the Cycle of Sickness (So you and your family can get healthy and stay healthy)


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    Thanks, @Acequiamadre! When I signed up, a form popped up where I could ask a question, so I asked:

    "Does boiling elderberries for syrup destroy the vitamin c content? Does adding rosehips and hibiscus to boiling water destroy the vitamin c content?"

    ...which is technically 2 questions but about one subject: heat and the destruction of vitamin c.

    And I am curious as to why she asks "Is it still safe to use elderberry?" in the description above!

  • Torey
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    Rosalee's webinars are always full of great information.

    @Sydarta I'll let Rosalee answer the Vitamin C question.

    The elderberry question is there to answer any concerns people may have over using elderberry because of some controversial information that came out a few months ago. It suggested that elderberries could possibly creating a cykotine storm which is an over stimulation of the inflammatory processes. I think Rosalee will point out the error of that idea.

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    @torey I had not heard about controversy/rumor of elderberries possibly creating a cykotine storm. Interesting. I will look forward to her discussion. Love her classes and webinars

  • Sydarta
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    @torey thanks for answering the elderberry question, I had not heard of this! I am interested to hear her elaborate on that subject, and hopefully she will answer the vitamin c question. Every day I drink about a half gallon of herbal tea and elderberries, rose hips and rosella hibiscus are often in the mix so I am curious as to how much of the c is intact after steeping.

  • Torey
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    @Sydarta This is a link to an article that might shed some light on steeping of hibiscus. It seems that a 10 minute steep has more vitamin C than a 5 minute or 15 minute steep in general.

    Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin so it leaches out into the cooking water when preparing vegetables.It will be interesting to get Rosalee's take on whether the simmering is a high enough heat to destroy the Vitamin C content or if the Vitamin just leaches out into the syrup.

  • Acequiamadre
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    @torey  She did point out the error of the elderberry/cykotine storm.

    I just added hibiscus and rose hips to my fire cider (the hibiscus idea was from the Fire Cider book). I will know how it turned out in a few weeks! I wonder how the vinegar impacts those two items.

    The webinar was thorough and I liked her health wheel that addresses stages of sickness and remedies that are useful at each stage.

    Good to have these days!