Leishmania, A Flesh Eating Bacteria Carried by Dogs


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    Well.... I sure hope I don't encounter that. But, pets can carry some really awful diseases. My uncle contracted a disease from a cat he and my aunt adopted. I can't believe I'm blanking out on the name of it.... but it is known to be transmitted from cats to humans. The cat and he died about the same time. He began running constant fevers, his teeth began falling out... all kinds of awful, severe flu like and worse symptoms. But, like most of my family, he died from medical error. A botched spinal tap left him paralyzed. Then, the fluid built up in his lungs. And, he died of "heart failure"....as they usually do when a hospital has to cover things up.

  • judsoncarroll4
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    No, and it is really bugging me that I can't remember it or find it online - it was a French sounding name.

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    We just had a son get cat scratch fever. His lymph nodes were extremely swollen. The doctors gave us pretty much a warning; if the antibiotics don't work on the lymph nodes they would want to pull them out.

    Never thought that cats could be such transmitters of stuff.

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    @Thomas They can certainly be. Before they would do that, please check to learn what herbs move lymph. I know of a few like chickweed & cleavers.

    I don't know if @torey might have specific suggestions considering the situation?

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    @Thomas The suggestions @LaurieLovesLearning has made are both good ones for moving lymph. Calendula is another good one as is violet leaf. I would take a combination of echinacea and goldenseal or Oregon grape root tinctures internally to help treat the bacterial infection. Keep up immunity with herbs such as garlic, astragalus root, oregano, reishi, ginger, etc.

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    Colloidal silver may also be helpful for a bacterial infection.

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    Hey all, my youngest brother had something similar with swollen lymph nodes. I think they called it kawasaki

    It's good to learn about zoonotic diseases. These are the ones animals and people can transmit to each other.

    Many things to consider with critters.