Delicious Sweet Bonbons for a Good Night’s Sleep

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Delicious Sweet Bonbons for a Good Night’s Sleep Homemade, of course!!!

Late autumn (November, December) –is a very good time to catch up with sleep. However, sometimes it is not easy to fall asleep: disturbing thoughts, worries, too much computer time, a late night and or a meal that is too heavy, all these things can affect our natural ability to fall asleep. You could leave your iPad or iPhone in another room, you can change the menu and the meal time, but it is not easy to change the flow of thoughts and worries. Doing something you enjoy could help and, for those who like cooking or just experimenting in the kitchen this recipe might help to focus on something interesting and the herbs might help to recover some inner calmness and harmony.

“Sleep well bonbons”

I have just checked what herbs contribute to a good night’s sleep and what is available here at home. I have collected quite a few primrose seeds (you could use oil instead) and poppy seeds. I have also got enough dried lemon balm, lavender and rose petals. I have quite a few walnuts, sunflower seeds, date paste and honey. All these ingredients have a calming, soothing, mood balancing effect and that is why they are in my “Sleep well bonbons”. 

I measure everything in cups. 

Would you like to have a try? 

You will need 1 cup of ground walnuts, 1 cup ground sunflower seeds; 1 cup date paste, 1/2 a cup of ground herbs: rose petals, lemon balm and lavender (I put in a mix of equal quantities of all three), 1/2 cup ground seeds: primrose and poppy seeds; 1/2 a cup runny honey. I use desiccated coconut for rolling the bonbons in. 

Put the seeds and herbs into a bowl and mix them, then add the date paste and honey and mix them well with your hands into a thick paste from which you form small balls and roll them in the desiccated coconut. Put them into the fridge for half an hour and then taste. I am sure you will enjoy the taste. You can keep them in the fridge for a long time, but, I am sure, they will not last long. 

I take one or two or... in the evening. I sleep well. 

You too - enjoy experimenting 😍