November cleanup

Monek Marie
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Living in a zone 5B climate my cleanup and fall prep will be different from many. And as always I am behind, particularly on huge projects.

My 15 by 45 foot greenhouse is sitting in a pile. The main hangup is getting land leveled to put it in. I had a place selected but is too close the the gas line right of way and any other almost flat area does not have the right sun angle.

We have 7 nice days ahead of us. The snow we had yesterday is melting sop I have to set a rigid schedule and get to it. Nice means above 50 and no rain.

My greenhouse area needs leveled so I plan to barter to get that done. The house needs set up and heating moved in. I do have a wood stove but would like to heat as naturally as possible. I also want to stack uses in the greenhouse.

Compost for heating, Rabbits for composting material?


Trying aquaculture under the one benches for compost tea and different veggies that can be grown year round?

I am not a winter fan so greenhouses make me feel like I live in a warmer climate.

Oh - there has to be room for a hammock in my greenhouse

The greenhouse has to be set up in one week, alone with outdoor clean up so live should be an adventure


  • Monek Marie
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    My garage area also has to have sumac cut down. I love sumac and keep it in other areas but this is too close to the garage foundations so they have to go.

    I plan to save the seed heads, some for the birds and some to make a spice. I never heard of the spice mix until this year. I have also made lemonade from the berries but its a bit too late for that now as they are drying out.

    Smaller branches can be turned in to flutes. Thye make a great flute and it reminds me of my childhood to make these. My dad taught me to make these at a very young age

    The wood also has a great pattern and makes great crafting and woodworking projects. If I cut them in certain lengths and seal them I can store them for later use or sell them

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @Denise Grant We also have a few very warm days here. We wasted yesterday. 🙄😬 We had every intention to get things done, but at some point, our day ran flat.

    Today, hopefully we can get things together. We have bird pens to do...we finally were able to buy the hardware cloth that we wanted in spring.

    We have yard clean up, windows to wash, bird pens to clean out & maybe try our hand at lime washing (old time whitewashing), and a few other things.

    We have at least 4 more days including today. Hopefully we can make a big dent in the work & be satisfied. Hopefully.

  • Monek Marie
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    @LaurieLovesLearning Hope you get a lot done!

    That last minute mad dash to get theings we wanted to do weeks or months before lol. Every year I say next year will be different but it isn't.

    My list is so long but I just take a day at a time.