My bountiful harvest

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Big day in the veggie garden today. Weeding, fertilising and harvesting. In this pic are hard necked garlic, sage, pyrethrum daisies, sweet pea seeds and the last of my calendula flowers. I will let the garlic dry out for a couple of days and then top and tail it.

Now I’m off to the neighbours to help them harvest a much bigger garlic patch, happy days!



  • greyfurball
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    I kind of miss my garden now.

    The weather has turned against me doing most of the types of gardening. The only thing left out there is cold weather offerings and even they need lots of frost/cold protection.

    Picked some of my sweet lettuce this morning which has been under frost blankets for the last week and even it, if it could talk, was begging me to get it out of this cold.

    Aren't we just cantankerous... spend the whole summer thinking how this work never ends and then Fall gets here and I miss it. My problem though I think, I don't mind the gardening all summer, I mind the heat, bugs and humidity.

    Just need to find a way to eliminate the bad and keep the that's gonna happen.

    @jodienancarrow your harvest looks great!

  • Lisa K
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    Wow @jodienancarrow great harvest!