Maybe I found the "cure to the common cold"?

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So, Monday afternoon I came down with a really, really bad head cold. It may have even been the flu. This was inflamed sinuses, burning up the nose, congestion, sneezing, swollen, red face, fever, ringing ears, exhaustions, falling asleep, dizzy, muscle aches, sweating, stiff neck.... the whole cornucopia of cold/flu symptoms. I was already taking turmeric, vit C and zinc, and had some great chicken soup with plenty of garlic, thyme and sage. But, each time I had a spoonful of Swedish Bitters, my fever went down and my sinus cleared.... I think that means it inhibited viral replication. I felt okay this morning... well by 4pm. So, if Swedish Bitters works, it is actually more effective than any cold med or prescription known to man!