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My family has been homeopathic for almost 40 years. I remember being told that some people who had the disease I had lived as long as five years. Well, I searched and prayed and landed in the office of a homeopathic doctor. He was a real doctor, but chose to use homeopathy instead of drugs. Needless to say I didn't die. We've been homeopathic ever since. We use herbs, too. There have been times that we have needed surgery or some other medical procedure and have been grateful for them. But we have been super grateful for homeopathy.

Once again the FDA is declaring war on alternative medicine - Homeopathy. Please search for "homeopathy reclassification" to read about it. Look for the October articles. They will reclassify all remedies as drugs then remove them all because they haven't been tested. There is no way they will ever be tested as it cost billions to test a new drug. They had been grandfathered in years ago, but they are coming at it again with guns blazing. Why can't they just leave us alone? We come in peace. We use our knowledge for good not evil. But I guess Big Pharma wants every penny, nickel and dime - they don't really care about your health.

The deadline for comments to the FDA is Dec 2, 2020. If you have ever taken a remedy or an herb and want to have the choice of using them in the future, please contact the FDA, but don't stop there. Contact your elected officials, educate them about alternative medicine and homeopathy and request they advocate for it. Homeopathy was key in fighting the 1918 pandemic and many people/countries are using it for CoVid-19. It's a sad day when cocaine is legal, but not a homeopathic remedy. Make no mistake, they come for homeopathy today, tomorrow it will be herbs and then plants.


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    Being from Canada, I don't think my opinions would have any weight with the FDA but I support @frogvalley's call for action on this issue. It has been ongoing for some time as, from what I understand, remedies from pharmacies outside of the US have been difficult to get for quite some time. Hahnemann Labs and Boiron are your remaining choices in the US and that can be limiting as neither has as complete of a remedy list as British or European pharmacies.

    It is really unfortunate that big pharma has such an influence in political circles. Medicine, regardless of the modality should never become politicised to the point where some parts of health and healing become suppressed.

    If the naysayers and negative websites/organizations would spend as much of their time trying to discover why homeopathy works as trying to disprove it, they might actually find the evidence that homeopath does work.

    I don't understand the persecution of homeopathy. No one has ever been poisoned or harmed in any way by remedies. Certainly no deaths have ever occurred due to remedies. That most certainly cannot be said about pharmaceuticals. It is apparent that those who are trying to discourage or suppress homeopathy are supporters of and probably stock holders in pharmaceutical companies.

    When individual rights and freedom of choice with regards to health care become suppressed, where is that freedom that we in the "democratic' nations of the world are so proud of.

    @frogvalley Have you seen the work that Jacques Beneviste has done?

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    @torey I have read articles about Beneviste, however not anything by him. I agree that he is like Galileo, we just don't understand it yet. Much like deuterium depleted water, homeopathy serves a the pleasure of those who understand the concepts, have witnessed the effects, have access to it and/or those who don't want to use pharmaceuticals for whatever reason. I would question those who are trying to get rid of it - as the saying goes on detective shows "follow the money."

    Maybe homeopathy will be allowed in Oregon since they are taking an "anything goes" attitude. China, India and several countries are actually stepping up their support of alternative medicinal therapies. Maybe I just need to move?

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    "A clip showing how Jacques Benveniste and his team provided convincing evidence showing the mechanism for the efficacy of homeopathy. The clip also shows the extraordinary tactics employed by the magazine Nature to discredit his findings"

    The criticism and opposition of natural healing methods ranges from the ridiculous to the criminal. Over my life I have sadly read stories of intolerance to new ideas within scientific and medical communities. In the case of homeopathy, if the diluted solutions were no more than water then they could also be viewed as non-toxic. If individuals were granted the ability to choose what to consume or take as medicine the world would be a better place.

    We do need to protect against gouging for fake medicines.

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    Another good site with lots of info is greenmedinfo.com. He fights a lot of the blocking of natural remedies that is tried.

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