We have started to incorporate live plants in our indoor fish tank. What are suggested plants you have used?


  • Monek Marie
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    @Nancy Carter Are doing so for the health of the fish tank or to grow food?

    I grow greens to eat on my one tank top and will start some of my seeds using an aquaponic idea on the top also. I think it beneftis ther fish plus they get any small seedling that is weak or not up to the quality I want.

    I don't remember what I used to grow for the fish to much on. Its been a bit.

  • Nancy Carter
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    @Denise Grant A local disabily resource organization was given a grant to provide 5 individuals with disabilities a fish tank to incorporate hydroponics. My adult daughter was a recipient of one of these tanks. The goal is for her to learn how to take care of the fish and grow plants/food. Her tank is 5o gallons so far we have pothos, and another plant that looks like bamboo in the filters. There are 3 filters and we are waiting on the various fish arrival. She takes part in a Dream group zoom weekly with this organization and they discuss what their dreams and goals are and support each other accomplishing these goals.

  • Monek Marie
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    What a wonderful idea.

    She can grow green easily. The greens with tons of color would be pretty and interesting

    Malabar spinach works well as starts then move later as they can get big. I love this plant

  • Monek Marie
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    I just thought of watercress.

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