Forks over Knives

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Not sure how many might be interested in this. But, I'm putting it out here.

Forks Over Knives helped launch the concept of a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle as a path to vibrant health and wellness. It started as a feature film released in 2011.

Here are 3 PDF copies of the info-zine that is published quarterly. Each is about 100 pages.

Hope you find something interesting in them.


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    Thanks for posting this! I started reading the winter issue and it looks really yummy.

    I'm not vegan or even vegetarian, but I mostly avoid dairy and try to eat a lot of vegetables. Vegan books and blogs have been very helpful to me.

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    My daughter watched the original movie and chose the vegan lifestyle because of it. Occasionally she will eat meat and dairy, but not often. I love some of the vegan dishes.

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    I didn’t know this was a magazine too! I have watched the movie and several similar documentaries.

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    Thanks for posting. I saw the documentary when it first came out but didn't know there was a magazine. Looking forward to exploring them.

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    Another very interesting documentary to understand the modern commodities-growing business is "King Corn" by together by Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis, two young men. They took a year to investigate how the corn industry works. They worked with a corn farmer to understand how the finances work, made high-fructose corn syrup in their kitchen, and even met with the elderly Earl Butz.

    I saw it on a DVD from our library, but the full film appears to be available on YouTube.

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    Thanks, everybody, for your comments. I will continue to post the latest PDF issues of the magazine when they are available, if people are interested.

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    PDF download link for the March 2021 issue