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Interesting set of gardening videos — The Grow Network Community
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Interesting set of gardening videos

I just came across an interesting site with a set of short but useful gardening videos. It's not quite like anything I've come across before. The site is Soul Fire Farm. According to their mission statement they are "an Afro-Indigenous centered community farm" with a broad range of programs including providing food to households in need, training and support in establishing community gardens, and a long list of other projects. They are near Petersburg NY. The website is fascinating, https://www.soulfirefarm.org/

They have a set of 15 videos on YouTube, each 10 to 15 minutes long, on various gardening topics, from building a cold frame to no-till planting to honoring the land. I've watched several of them, and they combine practical, inexpensive and doable projects with a perspective heavily influenced by Native traditions. The topics in themselves are fairly standard and would be familiar to most of us, but the perspective gives the videos a character that you don't see in the typical gardening videos. It's worth checking out.



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