Herbal microwavable pads?

Nancy Carter
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I am looking for a diy tutorial on how to make an herbal microwavable pad. I would like to learn what herbs or materials need to go into the heatable pad and what to use for fabric to make it. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • jowitt.europe
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    @Nancy Carter do you still use microwave? I have read so much bad about microwaves that I got rid of it. To my knowledge it makes any food dead. Destroys all enzyme. Well, may be I am too radical... anyway, I would not think of using it anymore...

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    I can't find the site that explained it, but, according to many professionals, microwaves completely kill all life in what they cook. The particular doctor I was watching said it is perfect for disinfecting sponges.

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    I also don't use microwave for any type of cooking. I wouldn't buy one but the house came with one so I do use it to disinfect sponges. I have soaked a washcloth and heated it in the microwave for a hot compress so I don't see why that would work with an herbal pad. The problem would be not getting the herbs wet. So maybe making an herbal infusion, soaking a washcloth in that and then heating in the microwave.

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    @Nancy Carter I too, no longer have a microwave. My kids are not familiar with them. We use a countertop oven instead. They are very handy and safe.

    I have some neck warmers/heat pads that I bought long ago that have buckwheat(?) hulls in them. They can't get wet. I also have a pot hot pad that has cinnamon in it. It smells lovely. The first that I mentioned have instructions for heating in the oven, however, you do have to be cautious when heating them that way.

    Below is a picture. The 100% cotton cloth feels like a light-med. weight canvas. Maybe this will help a little?

    The herb you choose should reflect your purpose/intention. If it is for sleep, lavender would be appropriate. If for use at the table, cinnamon/cloves or similar would be a beautiful aroma.

  • Wendy
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    I have made, used, and gifted "herbal rice bags" with success. Any cotton quilting material will do if the weave does not have holes in it. I used rice, dried lavender, and essential oils.

    Cut two pieces of cloth to the desired size, adding a seam allowance to each edge. Sew three sides of the fabric to form a pocket. If the finished piece is larger than 10 inches, you may sew channels in the middle to divide the pocket into two or more sections (this keeps the filling from shifting all to one side).

    Mix rice, lavender, and a few drops of essential oil in a bowl. The amount of rice depends on the size of the pocket. You can measure by filling each channel 2/3 full with rice then dumping it into the bowl for mixing.

    Fill each channel with scented rice, approximately 2/3 full, pinning the open edges to contain the rice. Sew the remaining seam to close the pocket.

    The final product can be microwaved for 30 seconds at a time until desired temperature is reached.

    I have used the same rice bags for years to warn my feet. I made one for my mother's neck that is 6x15 inches.

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    @Nancy Carter I am curious as to what your ultimate goal is in the first place. Are looking for herbal aroma therapy mixed with heat therapy? Or is it something else altogether?

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    @ltwickey My goal is to learn how to sew fabric together that has herbs, rice or something like that in it. I can warm up and put on my bed . I would like somethong that smells nice , I get cold at night and like to feel the weight on my body. I feel it is comforting. It doesnt have to be microwaved as that is all I could thing of at the time I wrote it. By sewing I'm trying to figure out how to maybe make columns and fill the columns with the item im using to make it smell good. This way it would stay in the correct spot and not fill down to the bottom of my fabric. I thought of herbs because I have a bunch from my garden and I dont want to waste them. I look forward to any suggestions. Thank you!

  • Nancy Carter
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    @Wendy this is exactly what im looking for thank you!

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    Try this link. It is super easy to follow.