Oak Tree Nightmares and Childhood Flashbacks...

I recently purchased my childhood home from my parents. The property is just over a half an acre and has half a dozen massive oak tree's.

Does anyone have any advice for this hot mess?

There are just WAY to many leaves to compost and mulch them all. Not to mention the thousands of acorns that lay underneath the blanket of leaves. ( 🤫 Shhh, don't tell Marjory about the acorns- haha, or she'll put me to work. ). Therefore, we've been burning some of them as long as I can remember. You see, I have been raking this yard for more than half my life. 🤣 Oh, the flashbacks! YIKES!!!

Now that I own the home, I really want to improve the management of the property. Any and all advice is appreciated.

P.S. If you're interested...it takes about 4 hours to rake this yard by hand and it has to be done a minimum of at least 3 times during the season.

The first two photographs show the second time raking this season.

The last two photos were taken literally five minutes AFTER raking. Sigh...