A child with asthma & eczema

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@torey I have a young relative, 6 yrs old, that struggles with these two things.

For the eczema, I suggested an infused oil/salve of chickweed, plantain, comfrey & horsetail (and possibly jewelweed) for topical use.

I know that you suggested Oregon grape root in the past for liver function. What form would this be in & (if you can pm me), I would like to know how to give this to a child.

I read somewhere on the forum that an essential oil was good for asthma, open the lid and breathe in. I found it! It was frankincense.

What other types of things would you recommend?


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    @LaurieLovesLearning The salve you have suggested will be very good for calming down the itching and scratching that tends to accompany eczema.

    I will send you a PM shortly with regards to other suggestions. But yes, you are correct about Oregon Grape Root being good for the liver.

    Maybe @seeker.nancy - Central Texas could make some other aromatherapy suggestions.

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    @torey Okay, thanks! I am looking forward to getting more information.

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    I would suggest to test for food allergies or intolerances first. I have done that with my 3 kids by a homeopath doctor. It is done through electronic accupuncture, so no bleeding involved.

    And then maybe to look into the GAPS diet. Healing recipes like fermented foods and drinks and of course broth (gelatin, collagen) to heal the gut.

    Also try to stay away from toxic products.

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    Allergies haunt so many of us without us ever really knowing it. Good recommendation @NarjissMomOf3 .

    The homeopathic remedy Graphites has been great for me and my skin issues. Amazing to wake up after 63 years and find smooth skin just like everybody else.

    The gut microbiome is responsible for so many diseases including allergies. Back to basics in the diet is a common slogan for those of seeking to address our health issues.

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    These conditions are often caused by C-section births. The baby needs to be compressed in the birth canal and pick up flora from the mother that is needed for its immune system. When this doesn't happen eczema and asthma occur. Avoiding dairy and sugar tend to be very helpful. For a cure NAET or homeopathy. www.naet.com

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    Dandelion and burdock root, codonopsis/dang shen, licorice. I'd combine the dandelion, burdock and licorice into bitters (I do that)... it is more sweet and bitter and a kid would probably enjoy the flavor. Oregon grape/barberry is very bitter. I usually take the dang shen as tablets. There are plenty of other good herbs for asthma. But, those will help the liver and kidneys, which will help the lungs and skin. And, of course, try to find the cause of the allergic response. Mimosa also reduces mast cells, so it helps with any allergy. Lobelia tincture can help stop an asthma attack when it is just coming on. So, any of the above may help. Sauerkraut,, fermented pickles, kefir, kombucha, real butter milk or yogurt, etc, also helps a lot. Turmeric with black pepper helps with inflammation.