Friday night chuckle

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From my hero and role model, Justin Wilson:

This Cajun couple had been married 5 years and never had no children. Finally,, they had a set of twins. Well, the family came from all over the parish and just stood in line to name those babies. Each one had a different suggestion... finally, it liked to drive the mother crazy. She said, "I've made up my mind; I'm goin to let uncle Jean Pierre name the the twins." They all said, "No, you can't do that, Jean Pierre, he got no sense!". She said, "Yes, that may be, but he is the only one that hasn't been in here keeping me awake." Jean Pierre was her great uncle. A bit later, her other great uncle, the deputy sheriff came tearing up to the hospital, lights flashing and siren blaring. He ran in and said, "I'm here to name those babies!" They told him, "No, Jean Pierre done already named them babies." He answered, "But, Jean Pierre ain't got him no sense!... What'd he name them?" "Well", they told him, " he named the little girl baby Denise." "Oh, that is good! I reckon he had him some sense somehow... that is a good French name! What did he name the boy baby?" "De Nephew," they answered!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

This will be me in 40 years or so...


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    There were two little boys, getting in trouble all the time. The parents asked the priest to talk with them. The priest calls the younger brother in for counseling... he figures on teaching him some accountability, so he asks him, "Where is God?" The little boy, about ten years old, says nothing. So, he asks him again, "Where is God?" The little boy says nothing. He jumps up and runs out and find s his brother. He says, "We are in trouble... I guarantee!" He says, "God is missing and they think we got something to do with it!"

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    This fellow started himself a chicken farm, but he lived on a busy road. Every day, people were running over his chickens! He called the police and asked them what to do. They said to put up a sign that said, "Slow, chickens"... but people just seemed to drive even faster. SO, he called them again and they said he should put us a sign that said, "Slow, children"... but, the people just drove even more crazy. One day, the sheriff said, "We haven't heard from that chicken farmer in a while... find out what he's up to." The deputy said, "Oh, he hasn't got any problems now, he put up a new sign and people drive real slow!" "What does the sign say," he asked? "Slow, Nudist Colony" !!!

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    Thanks I needed this this morning!

    I loved to watch his cooking show! I have made stuff with a northern twist to the dishes. AKA less heat. I love Cajun food but everyone liked is not that hot. Guess I was born on the wrong side of the Mason Dixon Line.

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    I used to watch Justin Wilson all the time! I love his sense of humor. @judsoncarroll4 you tell the same jokes my husband tells! He has a whole binder of jokes he's collected over the years. He used to tell them to his 5th grade class and had them falling off their seats!

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    Love you @judsoncarroll4 ! How many of us need a good belly laugh? I do, I do!

    I used to watch all the old chefs. loved their humor. Would have loved to be in their kitchen studios.

    Thank you for bringing us back to a great place.