Making Sauerkraut with DIY airlock. Does this balloon trick really work?

While reading the article, I realized that I do not own an airlock so I did an internet search and came up with the idea of covering the jar opening with a balloon and puncturing the balloon with pin holes to function as an airlock. Does this work as an airlock?


  • annbeck62
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    I've never tried that but it sounds interesting. Typically I use an airlock. Sometimes when I go a little crazy in the kitchen I have more ferments going than I have airlocks so I put them in a regular canning jar and make sure I burp them to release the gas.

  • roytg94
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    @annbeck62 Yes, burping on a daily basis also looks like an option, but as you point out, life gets busy and resources are limited. Let me know if you have any success with the balloon solution. Thanks!

  • judsoncarroll4
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    Sure, it will work fine, so long as you take care to have everything submerged under the juice... no head space, no air - also works for small batches of wine. A bit of kombucha will ensure a great ferment! I always top mine off with kombucha to fill up any head space.