Reasons to survive?

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I was on @Marjory Wildcraft 's webinar on Sunday, which stirred up so many thoughts and feelings that have yet to subside. Thank you, @LaurieLovesLearning for inviting me to the community.

In the chat I first started asking some questions about how to survive, but then @silvertipgrizz remarked that "you first have to want to survive." This is the question I have been trying to find an answer to all year. What kind of future is there to survive for?

Everybody is just talking doom and gloom and how to prepare, but nobody is talking about the end goal. What's on the other side? Marjory was the first one that I heard mention anything along those lines, talking about a maximum duration of 10 years. That actually gave me hope, but I still cannot see how any of the following can end, improve, or be avoided:

Assume we are able to get past the plandemic, economic collapse, hyperinflation, civil war, riots, looting, etc. Then we are still left with one (and many more to come) vaccines that turn humans into GMOs, which equals extinction. Unless we first go extinct because nature can't figure out fast enough how to impregnate women from a 6-foot distance. ;-)

But, maybe we can get through the war and successfully evade forced vaccinations. How then do we prevent (mostly first-world countries) to completely collapse due to the exponential increase of disabilities, autism, dementia, and Alzheimer's?

Okay, still breathing? Miracles do happen. Then what about China's plans to take over American soil and kill every single one of us. How do we reckon with a force that has all the money, gold, technology, weapons, skills, determination, and most of all, more than 4 times the population of the US? Who or what is going to stop them? The only thing I can see is the entire planet going up in flames and splitting into millions of pieces.

Phew, maybe I am just making all this up and none of it can possibly happen. Could we all agree that technology is not going away? Where are we ingenious humans headed with that one? Well, what I see unfolding here is a future that's a combination of The Matrix, Terminator, and Gattaca. And it cannot be called life or living, nor are the inhabitants human. At least not by my standards.

I actually haven't gotten a chance to watch the latest Terminator movie. Does humanity win?

And if all this on my mind wasn't enough, I unfortunately recently overheard my favorite spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, share his belief that planet Earth will only exist for less than another 100 years.

So, can you help me find reasons to survive? Is there life beyond survival, or is a constant state of survival the new life? And, is it worth sticking around for?

I am not trying to offend or bring people down. I know, from this post you wouldn't believe it, but I am a very positive person. I am just over-educated. :-P

I truly am seeking your help and answers. Show me the light, please.


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    Yes, we will see. They plan but God's plan is the best!

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    @KimWilson I gave you a hug. You are important and do have a purpose as well. Thank you for being here with us.

    Take some time to reach out to someone today (it does help), and do something special for yourself. If those actions are one in the same, that's awesome.

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    Looking at all of the problems of the world is akin to being a senior citizen with the same thought to their future. I can worry or I can create. I can be anxious or I can have gratitude. I can speculate with fear or I can be in the here and now with love. All I can do is learn, live, love and control me.

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    @Biggi I hope we didn't overwhelm you.

    I have found that this community has a lot of caring folks with large hearts. They are very supportive, which makes them all extra special right now as we need that light in this time.

    I, for one, am glad that I am a part of such a warm community.

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    Dear @Biggi and everyone else, I just came across this quote this morning and I think it has a lot of value in this discussion:

    “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art.... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.”  C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

    So it's worth considering what gives value to survival for you.

    For me, Jesus gives meaning to it all, but I know many think differently although many don't.

    In any case, one needs to consider the meaning of life and that is a religious/existential/philosophical question as some of you have alluded to. If one is not religious, one can still find meaning in duty and companionship as @jamie.davis said; 'you are here to love' as @Marjory Wildcraft pointed out; 'you have life now so make it count' as @LaurieLovesLearning said; reaching out to others in need as @KimWilson wrote; choosing one's thoughts as @frogvalley wrote.

    And we need to realize that these times are trying for everyone. Anyone who spends any time on the news will be discouraged; perhaps step #1 could be to let the news slide a bit and use the time to focus on the things that can give meaning like those listed above.

    I wish you all sunshine today and some happy moments in the midst of the gloom all around us.

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    Aw, @Marjory Wildcraft Thanks.

    I was just comparing this forum to a local one this morning. The owner is now admittedly biased on one side & believes that side, and because his bias has been shown (which with other issues, he seemed to be able to stay out of...and that was wise), somehow discourages the other side & indirectly allows the hate to flourish. The bullies there have gained great strength & are pretty bold, harassing & hurting others. So, now he has a problem because he didn't encourage respect of others, even if agreement was not possible, early enough and now is paying for it. He most likely is losing or has lost many there who brought balance. Those folks will only put up with that type of opposition for only so long. I have respected how he has set up & run things, but he made a huge mistake.

    We have a calm forum here...his is certainly not. It is of utmost importance to give & take, remind of the forum standards and enforce them in such a way to maintain an atmosphere that is pleasant.

    It is not just me here keeping it this way either. Each member is certainly a large part in keeping this community the way it is.

    Thank you to each member who graces us with your presence here. You make it work. 💐

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    @Biggi I just wanted you to know my take and to thank you for reaching out and becoming part of this forum. I believe in family and enjoy helping, loving and praying for them and others. Great grandchildren are a great blessing but so are children and grandchildren. I spent yesterday morning with one of my grandchildren. We had a great adventure together and it was interesting!

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    So much to say on this subject, but one thing is clear we are certainly defeated if we give up before trying. I believe and intend that we are seeing the death of a corrupt world and the emergence of a beautiful world. With that intention in mind, I know my part is to survive and to help others to survive, in terms of having the basics of shelter, food, safety and positive community.

    After watching the video I became very impressed by waking in the middle of the night each night, frightened and concerned about having no heat in a very cold place where I depend on natural gas and electricity to survive, and how to be safe. Clearly I need to make some preparations, but what and how I do not know. I also believe that our community also needs to be safe.

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    Oh my, I didn't realize how much time would be required for this. ;-)

    Just reading through all the great responses and fully digesting what is being said, and yes, even googling some things, had me spent hours over the last few days.

    Words cannot express how deeply I value and appreciate your kind and thoughtful words. I apologize if I don't address every single one of you personally in my response, but I have been giving all of you hugs.

    @Marjory Wildcraft - "I am trusting and believing what comes out of it all will be much, much better." I love this so much! And, as I mentioned before, you are the only one I hear speak of a better future, and so I am wondering if this is your personal philosophy, or if you are deriving these beliefs from certain mentors of yours. If so, who are they? - I want more of this! :-)

    @jamie.davis - Wow. What a story! I can only imagine the wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills you are bringing to the table here. I hope we get to engage more and I can learn a lot from you. The story of your little community gathering was so beautiful and touching. What I wouldn't give...

    @LaurieLovesLearning - I am sure there's nothing I can say about your value to the community that hasn't been said before. The amount of time, thoughtfulness, and caring you have invested in just my little post here is beyond words. Thank you so much! - "My take is that you have life now. Make it count. Do not let yourself be motivated out of fear nor panic, nor base your reactions on what other people claim to be true of now or the future. What is their evidence? I have found that it is often purely supposition." - This is so powerful! As I am writing this, I have decided that I will print it out and hang it up here next to me. Thank you for this gift, Laurie. <3

    Much like you, Laurie, I am a life-long learner. I spend 2-4 hours every day learning new things. I recently estimated that I must have read about 2,000 books in my lifetime so far. Honestly, I have been a little worried if this thirst for knowledge has become an addiction. ;-) On the upside, this "addiction" makes me want to go on living forever.

    @KimWilson - This is the first "behind the scenes" story of a high-risk person I have heard. I hope you are not offended if I call it "fascinating," Kim. While I too can see that we have a lot in common, I am so curious about this comment of yours: "I have begged people to be my penpal as a lifeline." I have no family, but see that you have a husband, children, and even grandchildren. What is missing that makes you beg for a lifeline? I want to understand. - Your caring words towards me touched me deeply and put tears in my eyes. Thank you, Kim. <3

    @frogvalley - "I can be anxious or I can have gratitude. I can speculate with fear or I can be in the here and now with love." - Turns out I have been very successful in doing both these days. Yes, maybe not at the very same moment, but alternating all day long for sure. :-) While I am the person that experiences all the fears in my original post, I am also capable of breaking into tears of joy and gratitude at any given moment. I can hardly comprehend how good I have it, considering I have so little, and the sheer fact that I am still alive is a miracle I didn't think possible. There are no people around me and yet, I cannot count the times I smile and say thank you out loud every single day.

    Now, in regard to cutting the news, I certainly agree. I almost never watched/read/listened to news my entire life. A couple of years ago there was a short period of time I accidentally consumed the news, because it followed a TV show I was enjoying, and I was too lazy/distracted to change the channel afterward. It was so interesting and scary of what happened to my world. I suddenly found myself living in a city with nothing but crime, arson, and murder going on every single day. It was awful. Once I realized that, I stopped watching the news (and the TV show I liked).

    However, last year, when we experienced lots of wild fires and planned power outages, I looked like the last idiot, when I couldn't explain why there was such a long time at the gas pump. You see, everyone else had been preparing for the past 3 days already, but I was clueless. In an even more serious situation, this could have cost me my life. Sigh. So, I started seeking out the news, installing all kinds of apps on my phone, so that I can be informed. I tried to customize, but have been unable to just get the news about things that pertain to my life and safety. Now I do get most of the important news, but am informed of yet another senseless killing almost every single day. I hate it!

    I feel, since I live in a high-risk area, it is absolutely essential I stay on top of the news so that I know when it's time to literally run for my life. And, of course, by then it might already be too late. I so want to get out of here, but I don't have the means. (And, it's not just fear or irrational panic that makes me say this. I haven't been wanting to be here for the last 8 years.)

    I want to put all things said into a little more perspective for everyone by revealing my "deepest and darkest secrets," and getting more tangible advice about "how to survive" now.

    For that purpose, I have started a separate thread, where I welcome your input, if you will.

    My appreciation and love to all of you!

    PS: @judsoncarroll4 - So sad you deleted your post. It was one of my favorites. Here I was going to offer you wife and an option for children, but you "pulled out too soon." :-P

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    @Biggi Hi, I just wanted to answer questions you had. I do have a husband. He works with the public and I am covid high risk. Because of this, we live in separate parts of the house since March and have our own entrances ect. He is very supportive, but our contact has been incredibly limited since March. I have children. The nearest of my children lives 600 miles away. I have grandchildren. The nearest of those lives about 900 miles away from me. We do write and such, but physical distance does not allow for a close daily support network. Basically, I feel that I am just alone reaching out to find positive human support and connection. I have a mother. There was a time in my life when I was in an extremely hostile work enviornment. My mom lives about 700 miles from me, but I thought that if she even sent a once in a while e-mail, it would give me a sense of support from someone and perhaps give me some repris from the hostility at work. That was too much to ask of even my mother and she flatly refused. I guess that it may be needless to say that there is not positivity coming from her direction at all. I do try to provide for her what she cannot seem to be able to give. I don't say these things as a "pity party". I am just trying to state how things are and give some insight into how I have tried to cope in the past and what I am trying to do today. I try to "fill my own bucket" by being a life-long learner and by being as creative as possible. As I do this. I am then able to reach out to others with support and caring . So far, the reaching out in that way has been the best thing that I have found to do. I would still love to have pen pals to communicate with, but have not found any to date.

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    Thank you for your message and your hug. I love this group as it is about the most positive and supportive group of people that I have run across.

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    I hear where you are coming from and understand the frustrations and challenges that we all face today.

    BUT, history tells us that hard times come and go. So, as a broke down former mediocre athlete, I learned many things from sport that apply to life; one of which is "Its not how you take your Wins, its how you take your Losses". I like to think about that during tough times.

    I could go on and on and wax philosophical about this and that but for some reason a quote from the movie Good Will Hunting comes to mind. Will's Stepfather used to come home drunk and want to beat on him, so the old man would put A Belt, A Stick and A Wrench on the table and say "Choose". Will always chose The Wrench.

    Why The Wrench!!!????

    "Because ****!"

    In other words, "Bring It On!"

    That's the way I choose to deal with this crap sandwich that we've been dealt! Mileage may vary!

    (Oh, prayers and a few Bourbon's don't hurt either! My very best!) 😀

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    What a wonderful discussion. It is so wonderful to see everyone encouraging each other. I love the community we have here! I do really believe that love and relationships really are the reason to survive. You all have said so many great things here. It is a lot to take in. @Biggi thank you for being open and sharing your thoughts. It really is encouraging to hear that other people are thinking what I am.

    Love and prayers!

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    We wonder what will happen when civilization collapses, when we could be working together now to change the outcome.

    There are people who say collapse and destruction are already inevitable, while others say there is no problem.

    Change is inevitable. Whether the change is positive or negative. The choice has always been ours. God’s plan has always involved us making decisions grounded in His word/LOVE.

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    Lots of great comments here, which I can't do justice to. I'll say briefly that I went through an almost-death experience a few years ago (I got sick and almost died), then spent the past 3 years fighting my way back to health (still not done). I can say that I had periods where I was in a kind of Heck and thought I'd never get better. I've learned through living a lot that life throws curveballs, some good, some bad, but if the bad comes up, good often follows anyway.

    Beyond that - our life is just a blip in eternity. Go read a bunch of near-death experiences. We're just here for a season. Our real life is elsewhere. If the earth explodes we'll just incarnate somewhere else. Not saying that we should create that, but that, well, it's not the end of the world, even if it is the end of the world. ;-)

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    The reason to survive is instinctual. The strongest drive in most humans is to stay alive.

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    Thanks everyone for this awesome discussion.

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    This was such an honest discussion. Thanks for even asking the question out loud, and thank you to all the people who answered so well.

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    I am going to close this thread as it seems that everyone who is going to answer has.

    Thank you everyone for contributing answers to this very important question.

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    Hi @Biggi My primary source for optimism is my heart. I know that sounds too simplistic.. but it's true. I also love reading history. The bubonic plague, which killed about 1/3 of humanity by most accounts, and a horrible horrible period in time, was the opening for the Renaissance.

    Everyone has a 'go to' emotion when stressed. Mine is fear. Anger and guilt are other common ones. My discipline in these times, and no, I am not completely cozy with everything going on... my discipline is to keep loving in the face of fear. "I will not be afraid". I'm not stupid, yes, I see what is going on. And I'm trying to see better all the time. The more I can watch the movements and understand the trends, the better I can positon myself and my family, nieghbors, etc. The more prepared, the less of a shock.

    This is a wonderful time to deeply decide what you are here for. Finding something you truly love and enjoy doing. So many of us have put in years of time at a keyboard or in cyber space that things that require the use of hands is often very pleasurable, once we get past our ideas of rank and status.

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