D____d C-Pap

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My husband's c=pap gave him his life back. His testing indicated that he was getting less than 10 minutes of REM sleep per night. It was no wonder that if he sat anywhere during the daytime, he would immediately fall asleep.

His snoring is now a thing of the past, I don't mind the noise of the c-pap, and he is rested during his sleeping hours.

All of that being said, I am high risk for covid and my husband is an essential worker working with the public. How can I sleep in the same room with the c-pap that blows air directly from my husband into (sometimes) my face as we sleep? Have any of you come up with any solutions to this issue? We currently have no solutions.


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    My mom has a CPAP. Because she needs a hospital bed, my parents have 2 twin sized beds pushed together. If you are used to sleeping in the same room, the two separate beds pushed apart might work.

    Second option is to have him sleep in the guest bedroom if you have one. In fact, that is our quarantine plan. My bedroom is in the addition, plus we have the master bedroom and guest room. Keeps all 3 of us separate if necessary.