Energy and good mood tonic

Energy and good mood tonic... 

Oh yes!!! You can make your own! We humans are not perfect: sometimes we need something that calms us down, sometimes something that cheers us up... we always lack something. That is why it is useful to have all kinds of different “somethings” at home. 

This time I am sharing with you my recipe for making an ‘’Energiser”. Oh, I love this one! It is great fun to share it with friends, especially with those who have not tried it before. They only need a little sip and it is interesting to then watch their reaction. The heat they experience comes from the strength of the herbs. It’s like one of those mysterious Christmas drinks that cheers you up, exudes warmth, gives positive energy, love, light...everything, just what we need during pre-Christmas and at Christmas time.

Ingredients: 10 grams of dried ginger, 10 grams of dried galangal (Alpinia officinarum), 5 grams of cinnamon bark, 5 grams of dried summer savoury, half a litre of vodka or schnapps (38% -40%).

If you do not have dried ginger, you can use fresh but double the amount. Do not grind the herbs, it will then be difficult to strain. 

Production: the production is simple. Put all the herbs into a jar or a bottle with a wide neck, pour in the alcohol, screw the lid on tightly and store for at least 14 days at room temperature, but not in the sun. Occasionally shake the bottle. It is important that all the herbs are covered with the alcohol. The longer you keep it, the hotter your drink will become. Strain after two weeks or even a month and pour into nice bottles. 

Usage: try and use in small amounts, a spoonful will be enough. First you will feel the heat, the warmth will spread through your body and (it never fails in my case) lightens your mood. It’s fun to experiment with friends, well, not during the Coronavirus pandemic, but the good old days will come back...

This elixir smells very good, it smells like Christmas. The taste is hot. I never add sugar, but you could experiment with honey if you prefer it to be sweeter, I haven't done that yet.

It is a good “Medicine” for heartbreak, but I would be careful taking it if I had heart problems! You can lick the spoon with the tip of your tongue, but you and your doctor know best what is right for you.

Have fun experimenting! If you prepare it now, you can taste your "Love Energiser" around Christmas and the New Year.

 I have prepared two Liters. Just in case. Who knows how long this Covid period will last...