Plants to grow near chicken coops

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Interesting article from Insteading about what to grow next to a chicken coop that is beneficial to you and the chickens.


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    Thanks for posting this, it is very timely for me. Due to a predator disaster I will be starting over with chicks in the spring, and I am completely rethinking my layout for them. This is a handy list of plants to include in my planning.

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    Thanks for the great udeas! I'm planning my raised beds near my coop for next year!

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    Great article

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    That's great! We are going to plant around ours. Hopefully keep some mice away.

    Wonderful article @RustBeltCowgirl

    Thanks for sharing

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    It's amazing the amount if info available on the internet! Thank you for posting this info.

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    My chickens are my garden garbage disposal. I have them on deep bed in both the coop and the run. Once a year I clean it out and what was once garbage is now gold, black gold that is.

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    An herbal garden for chickens! Love it. Mine also love clover.

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    Ah... the chooks! After the 2nd straight year of the chickens totally destroying my garden, my girls are losing their free-range priveleges. I've resisted doing this because I know they are both healthy and happy with free run of the place. But they're a bit like an unrestrained 3-year old... not a good thing! My best efforts work to keep the goats out. Not so much the chickens!!! So... that said, I'm putting a lot of thought and research into how to supplement their diet to be sure they stay healthy and happy! This is a great article, and encourages me that my thinking is running in the right direction. For example, in the seed order I just placed, I ordered some things I would never eat myself (like... mustard! Sorry, I know there are many of you who love mustard... I'm just not one of them!) But I thought of my girls. All that luscious foliage! I bet they would love mustard! That's just one example. Hopefully, in 2021 I'll have a garden (finally) I can feed both our family and our chickens out of... instead of just the chickens! Thanks for sharing this article!

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    Thank you for this post. It is full of wonderful information. We have a lot of chickens and this will be great information this spring so we can plan out plants to help with the health and in reducing the costs of feeding our chickens.

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    Here is another interesting article about growing food for your chickens....

    38 Plants To Grow For Chicken Feed

    Not sure why the website says 10 plants and the title says 38. There is 38 listed and actually more since 1 catergory covers several types of plants

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    @MaryRowe I lost over 80 and a few ducks chickens to a fisher. I had prepared for most animals but that. I will also be redoing my entire animal areas. Winter is a great time for that planning

    My chickens also like to get into the burdock and comfrey areas. I plant more for them.

    Great site @RustBeltCowgirl

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    Thanks for sharing--we are thinking of ways to offer a free-range-like experience while also protecting them from the many predators. We already lost one hen this year:(

    Planting additional plants and letting them graze with protection is our current idea.

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    @RustBeltCowgirl in Australia it is custom or it used to be, to grow a choko vine over the chook pen. Delivers shade, a crop, usually damp and fertile, just what chokos require!

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    @RustBeltCowgirl Thank you for posting this. I've been thinking about planting near my chicken coop recently!