High Blood Pressure What kind of herbs are helpful?



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    Hello, I have just joined the community & wanted to add to the discussion re BP.

    The advice already given I find works, most of the time. I would add that trying adding L Cirtuline an amino acid found in watermelon is very helpful addition. I also find if having a BP 'spike' if i take a Beetroot shot, it quite quickly brings it down. I add to that some very dark chocolate 80-100%, not too much! I also suggest adding CoQ10 as this is excellent heart support as well as generally for body, especially for those who take statins as statins deplete body's stores. Check out Dr Stephen Sinatra. Lemongrass is another useful herb either as tea & or essential oil. Anyone concerned re arteriosclerosis, I suggest looking at serrapeptase & Red rice yeast.

    There are various energy techniques which can also help. EFT, is one & holding the little finger with the other hand helps the heart, placing the hand on the inside of the knee can help too. Its from Jin Shin Jyutsu system. You can hold both knees but if taking your BP better to stick with one while the machine is measuring. Also, holding the outside of the wrist with the other hand can help too.

    The other really important one is slow belly breathing.

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  • Lots of vegetables like spnach and swiss chard have an extreme high amount of oxalates. Oxalates can give you high bloodpressure, jointpain, musclepain, rashes, kidneystones, brainfog,..... You should lower your intake unther 60mg a day (5 spinache leafs). You can read more at fbgroup 'try low oxalates (TLO)'.

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    Since no one has mentioned it, I read somewhere that rooibos tea helps to lower blood pressure if you drink one cup per day. I recently was having high blood pressure readings and have been drinking it daily and my readings have been lower. I can’t say for sure that’s why but it’s worth a shot. Took about two weeks from my experience. It’s the only thing I’ve done consistently. I’ve tried exercising more, adding beets and spinach and flax and other healthy foods. I also have been doing intentional deep breathing and relaxation and getting enough sleep. But again, not every day like the tea. My best to you!

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    I think that the real cinnamon is Ceylon cinnamon, which costs more, but may be worth it.

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    Regarding high triglycerides, try a higher fat diet, lower carbohydrate diet. My husband had very high levels, more than 300-400, I believe; he had normal blood sugar levels. I changed our diet: grass-fed or pastured meats, some wild-caught salmon, sardines, tuna, cod; more fruits and vegetables, organic as much as possible; less bread (he loves his bread). His triglycerides plummeted to normal levels. Hope this helps.

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    @Joan thank you for all of the tips and tricks. I am impressed. I have tried some of these already and others I didn't know about. @nathalie.bcoffice thank you for the oxylate information. @thestickymommy thank you for reminding me about breathing and relaxation techniques and the tea. @MissPatricia thank you for giving me the best cinnamon and letting me know about lower carbs and higher fats. Lots of great ideas and thanks to all of you I will be able to tweak what I am eating.

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    Joan, your post is great. I shall have to try some of you techniques when I take my blood pressure at home. My at home blood pressure is fairly low. About 115/70 average, but I have trouble in the Doctors office. White coat hypertension. I do use deep breathing at home when my BP is a bit high but it seem to take a while at times to get my blood pressure down. Maybe next time at the doctors office, have my beet root drink and try one of your other techniques.

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