Liquid Cleaner made from Apple Vinegar and Orange and /or Lemon Peel

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Liquid Cleaner made from Apple Vinegar and Orange and/or Lemon Peel

Do you have this feeling that manufactured household cleaners may not be healthy for you? I do. When I clean my bathroom or my kitchen, I keep the windows open, even in the winter. Nevertheless, I can feel the chemical substances creeping into my lungs... no wonder that so many people have respiratory track diseases.

Cleaning liquid made of vinegar and citrus peels was

my next step into a more ecological household. A very successful one, as it replaced all the other cleaning liquids. I use my homemade liquid for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, toilets, glass and I can use it for cleaning wooden surfaces. If you like experimenting and doing something good for nature and yourself, you could try this out yourself.

Winter is a good time to collect orange and lemon peel. Without fruit and berries to eat from our own gardens we do turn to citrus fruits. Well, I personally do! I ordered 10 kg oranges from a farmer in Spain where they are now in season. And I have produced 17 Liters of apple vinegar from apple peels.

How to make a Liquid cleaner?

Whenever you eat an orange, put the peel into a jar and cover with vinegar. All the peel has to be covered by vinegar otherwise mould may develop. Add peel every time you have an orange. Put a lid on and shake it every day or two. After 2-3 weeks strain the liquid and pour it into a bottle with a spray - any used cleaning liquid bottle or an empty hand soap bottle will do. If you drink squeezed orange or lemon juice, you may soon develop enough supply for a whole year 😊

I am happy that our house is slowly changing it into an ecological place: bed linen and clothes washed with ivy leaves, soapwort or chestnuts; food and vegetables wrapped in beeswax wraps; kitchen and bathroom cleaned with homemade cleaner...


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    @jolanta.wittib thank you for the great ideas. I myself am very allergic to oranges and cannot even touch one (my hands itch a lot).

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    Yes, vinegar cleaners are the way to go if you don't want to breath in chemicals. I've started peeling all citrus before eating or juicing it. Then I dry it and use it in tea or vinegar cleaners.

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    @dipat2005 if you are allergic to oranges you can use apple vinegar for cleaning.

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    @jolanta.wittib yes you are correct I can use apple cider vinegar. I have used vinegar and baking soda for years. I have actually used apple cider vinegar too. There are too many chemicals in other things.

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    I used to make this, but I had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder!

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    This is great! Thank you for sharing! I have half a bushel of oranges in the kitchen... not only did I not know the peels could be put to such good use... I totally forgot about juicing them! DUH! I've been eating them, which is great... but I much prefer fresh squeezed juice. Now just where did I put my mind....?

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    Congratulations for changing your home into a more healthy place to live. Might be more work but so worth it!

    I used to make the citrus cleaning vinegar too but rarely purchase oranges anymore. I just got the idea to keep my eyes open for oranges that are on clearance. Good idea except I rarely go shopping anymore! 😂

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    @soeasytocraft I have ordered my oranges by internet from a farmer in Spain. 10 kg. They keep very well. May be you could also get them online from a farmer in orange growing country.