Great story about making a difference

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This is such a great story--very interesting in its own right, but also inspiring. It has me thinking about what I might be able to do around here to make a difference.....


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    @MaryRowe Thank you for sharing this article.

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    Biodiversity for the win!

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    Being an indigenous person from The United States of America, and a grower of plants myself, the more plants in this world the better. Plants LOVE CO2!

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    My degree is in Industrial/Operations with an emphasis on Forest Resources and I spent 20 years working in the Forest Products Industry. The last study that I saw showed the US has more Wood Fiber/Acre than ever in recorded history. I've been out of that industry for almost 18 years now and I would wager that the Farm Foresters are some of the most conservation and sustainable minded people I've ever met.

    The land that my "homestead" is on is zoned Agricultural Preserve and I've designated my land as a Farm Forest. (mostly for tax purposes but also a passion and investment). Even though I realize that most trees have a finite lifespan, it still breaks my heart to see them mismanaged or destroyed, even if its nature that is the destroyer.

    A recent storm/lightning strike took out a small stand of trees on my place. Sad indeed.

    If I could get every young person to plant at least 1 tree a year, I think that would be a great thing.

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    Thank you for sharing. There is always hope!

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    Thank you for sharing, it's nice to see something positive!

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    @Slippy I have a passion for trees as well. They have been so prominent in history. They are beautiful, they have healing properties...even if we just walk among them...they are a symbol of strength. Some are great swing mounts & are great for climbing! They have much to offer.

    I developed this love while working in the tree & shrub section of a nursery. I enjoyed taking care of them & learning proper pruning. It was far better out there than being stuck in the greenhouses! I loved it! It was by far the best job that I ever had.

    I said that one day, if I ever get my own yard, I would plant trees.

    I have since planted spruce, green ash, hawthorn, cottoneaster (cot-o-nee-aster...not cotton-Easter!), double flowering plum, juniper, tamarack, sour cherry and many various types of berry bushes. I want to plant maple, oak & apple. I am surrounded by natural growing poplar, pincherry, wild saskatoon & chokecherry...and one cottonwood that the neighboring farmer's bulldozer left standing. He took out a couple other beautifully majestic ones. I was quite upset, but those ones were on his land. We are in an area that has only 7 cottonwood trees and all within 3 miles of each other. They are extremely rare here and I doubt anyone knows or cares.

    I need more land. I would plant even more!

    We would like a good mix of grain farm & bush land...not scrub, but real trees. We are looking for just such a piece.

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    But we won't get the benefits of plants co2 if we aren't allowed to breathe it by our government