Can you grow or overwinter plants hydroponically?

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I made a mixture of a hydroponic liquid using leaf tea (water from soaked leaves) mixed with my homemade Miracle Grow and cinnamon. I filled some small covered containers, put a hole in the cover big enough to put the plant roots through, put in the plant and then put in cotton to cover the hole. So far, the plants are surviving, but not doing as well as I would like. Any thoughts?


  • Linda Bittle
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    What kinds of plants? Some die back every year, and won't overwinter.

    I've never tried hydroponics, but it seems like it would depend upon the plant's growing cycle.

  • Torey
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    What kinds of leaves are you soaking to make your leaf tea?

    Curious about the use of cinnamon. What purpose does it serve? I only know about the culinary and medicinal properties of cinnamon. No idea it could be used in any kind of gardening.

    What are you using in your homemade Miracle Grow?

    Are the plant roots constantly in the water? Some plants like their roots to dry out between waterings so maybe they are a bit water-logged?

    Are you supplementing the lighting?

    Let us know more.