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"Houdini" has pulled it off again. 😲 — The Grow Network Community
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"Houdini" has pulled it off again. 😲

RustBeltCowgirlRustBeltCowgirl North Coast OhioPosts: 770 ✭✭✭✭
edited February 4 in Horses

Cigar has once again escaped his stall. This is his new one with the heavier door. Actually, Carol thinks that a human was not very careful in making sure the door was totally closed and latched. When you're a big Quarter Horse gelding weighing between 1,100 and 1,200 lbs.; if you can get your nose and neck through the gap, you can shoulder that door open. Anyway, he wandered around to the front of the barn and was happily grazing on the lawn. The neighbors across the street herded back into the barn and closed all the outside barn doors.

I just shake my head. He didn't leave the property, was just out grazing. I'm going to stop and get a $25 gift card to KFC to thank the neighbors for getting him out of harm's way.


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