No Kill Meat?

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2020 strangeness is not done with us yet.

I suppose this development was inevitable, but I still don't know what to say about it....


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    I saw this on TV a few months ago. Not just in China. Memphis Meats is a California based company. They aren't in production yet but very soon.

    I'm sure there are other companies doing this as well. I also don't know what to say about it, other than, not for me. I have no problem slaughtering meat. I came to terms with that long ago.

    We aren't far off from Star Trek's replicators.

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  • In Germany they are working on beef from petri dishes but are not ready for industrial production. The research is ongoing since at least 5 to 7 years.

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    That gives new meaning to Gary Larson's Far Side "Boneless Chicken Ranch". At least his was funny.

    I had heard about this being worked on years ago. It just fits that is now a reality in the marketplace in this oh so strange year.

    I would not touch the stuff either. There is something to be said about knowing your food and what it eats.

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    You know, some don't like the thought of killing but miss the flavor. Other than that, I wouldn't know another answer to the rest of your question.

    You are correct that the marketing is clever. People will pay large amounts for anything if you can convince them that they can't live without it and it fits their ideals/beliefs. It has been done throughout history and actually can be quite fascinating to delve into the practice of it.

    Sales & marketing is big business. It can be done without deception (that's the marketing I enjoy being involved in...I loved sales when I was in it), but most often deception & smoke screens in marketing is king.

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    Yuck. Time to look into meat birds or quail before they start slipping this garbage into our food. 🤢

  • Yeah...I knew they had been working on it but didn't know it was that close to roll-out. It is so not going to be the same, sounds kind of gross lol. It brings to mind something mushy and a bit slimy 😂 It's probably not...but still...

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    Umm. No thanks. I put that in the same category as "pink slime".

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    @seeker.nancy - Central Texas I wonder how it would have any flavor. What you feed an animal makes a big difference in texture & flavor. I suppose that they could still add artificial or "natural" flavor if needed.

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    I think judsoncarroll4 ''s post sums up my feeling exactly!!

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    I do agree with Karon about the absurdity of substitute meats and other foods. However, I do admit to sometimes indulging in veggie burgers when I'm eating out and really don't want just another salad. Actually I really like a grilled portabella mushroom however not available always in many of the restaurants we used to eat at.


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    This is one more reason why I will continue to grow my own. Lab grown meat... Not for me, thanks, but no thanks.

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    Yep, The World Done Gone Crazy...

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    I find this unnatural and revolting. I can't understand why anyone would think that sounds like a good idea. Hey we grew this in a lab, isn't it delicious? No. No it's not.

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    Hmmm, not for me either. I was puzzled several years ago as to why stores sold vegetarian turkeys. I mean, why would anybody who objected to eating meat want to eat something shaped like meat? This takes "why would anybody want to" to a whole new level. Yuck. Here in the good old U.S.A. we probably would demand that it not have to be labeled so if you have stock in that company you don't have to worry.

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    Yikes! I REALLY hope these meats have to be clearly labeled but I doubt they will; nothing else is. I’m so glad I have local farmers I can directly from.

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    No way I'd eat that. I wonder how it will be marketed.

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    No doubt the meat growers associations/lobbies will weigh in and have some impact on the marketing, and at first at least that stuff is bound to be more expensive, and thus easy to identify. It's only after it becomes commonplace and cheap that we'll really have to worry, about ourselves and our pets both.....

  • @LaurieLovesLearning you are so right about the flavor of the meat being related to what they eat. I think anyone who was raised on a farm or had one for a bit would agree. Not just the flavor but the color and the texture as well are affected by the animal's diet. Just like you can feel the "life" in fresh vegetables and fruit it can also be "felt" in meat, eggs and dairy. There is no way to create that in a lab in my opinion.