Storing tofu long-term?

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I just recently found a great Chinese recipe from Sichuan province. However, it uses a lot of tofu, and I can't keep that around too long in storage.

Can you freeze tofu? Are there other good ways to store it? long term?

It would be great if I could make pad thai, ma po tofu, and other dishes without needing to plan on a shopping trip first, assuming the grocery store has what I need.


  • Gail H
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    @VermontCathy We haven't eaten tofu in awhile, but I know there used to be a brand in aseptic packaging- sort of like juice boxes. My friend, who was much more of a tofu connoisseur than I am, never cared for the flavor. When regular tofu is frozen, the texture changes a lot. It's no longer creamy but more firm . I think it's better for stir frying that way since it doesn't turn to paste.

  • VermontCathy
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    The tofu we buy comes in aseptic packages too, but I can't always use a whole package in one meal. And I have trouble keeping it from going bad once it's opened.

  • seeker.nancy - Central Texas
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    I usually get the extra firm water pack. After opened I've kept a portion of it stored in the refrigerator (without the water) for up to a week. That usually allows three dishes out of the one block. I only use the aseptic pkgs for something creamy. That one does not freeze well, it seemed to separate a bit. I've not tried freezing the water packed.