Allergic to Coconut-Be very careful what you eat or drink

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I have a friend who is allergic to anything with Coconut. She does ok with the Coconut Air Freshener I have in my car.

I was very surprised that Coconut Oil has been appearing in Hot Cocoa Mix. So that is why I feel like I gain at least a pound every time I drink it. I use Cinnamon powder in my hot cocoa now.

Has anyone else noticed coconut oil being added to other food items?


  • Honestly it seems like it's in everything now lol. It went from the category "eat it and die" to "eat it and you won't die" 😂

  • Torey
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    I don't buy much that is any kind of a mix but I will watch out for this. I recently discovered powdered MCT coconut oil at the Bulk Barn. Didn't know you could powder something like an oil. So that must be how they are getting coconut oil into a powedered mix.

    I have been using a 5 mushroom cocoa blend from Harmonic Arts and just checked the label again to be sure but it only contains raw cacao, palm sugar and the 5 mushroom extract. No coconut oil. I make it with milk. Absolutely delicious!

    If someone is allergic to coconut, does that include palm sugar? Or just the products from the coconut itself?