Our Magnificent immune system needs vit. D & magnesium


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    I also recently watched this amazing video. She explains how our immune system works. So cool!

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    We have known for quite awhile that anyone living above 35° latitude should be supplementing their Vitamin D in the winter. This article emphasises that, along with the need for supporting supplements like magnesium. Thanks for posting @silvertipgrizz

    We all need to take better care of our immune system and do things to support it. I just came across this article from KP Khalsa with a list of things we can do to support immunity. https://internationalintegrative.com/essential-herb-combinations-for-immune-support/

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    @torey When I lived in the far north I watched many people, new to the area as military transfers..watched them follow the store manager that was helping me find the correct spectrum light for the new found northern depression this southern girl was woefully dealing with...the others following us looked woefully depressed as well.. and of course the lighting did not do one thing to help because we were way below the latitude necessary and most of the year was cool to extreme cold and little sunlight quite often..I lived there for almost 7 years and at work I was the pill peddler..of vit d...for which I received off looks as I handed out the D3...they could not believe how much better they felt and just within 3ish days after my daily pill pushing lol. The suicide rate in the far north, esp farther north than me was told to be quite bad....

    At the time I was just beginning to learn about the importance of Vit D and there was very little info at all on the web...Since that first experience with severe seasonal and regional depression, my research and care to keep my vit D in check...the info is astounding and pretty wide spread yet in spite of that there are so many people that give it 'no never mind'...One of the best ways I stay in check of the need for D3/over the counter/not sunshine..like in the winter back in the south again..is at the first notice of even the slightest bit of depression I just deal with it with the D3 and it only takes hours for much improvement...and during the summer/gardening etc I have no need of the self pill pushing.........

    don't take the va xx both but esp the 2nd will be very bad...very bad

    OH and thanks for the link..checking it out now...

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    Thank you everyone for this wonderful information. @COWLOVINGIRL I watched the video you posted, and ended up checking out Amy Fewell's channel. She did a good job.

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    I'm glad you liked it @Tave! I learned sooooo much form that video!

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    Drink epsom salt. It flushes the toxines out.

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    A couple of or 3 teaspoons of magnesium sulfate in a full glass of water or juice goes a loooooooooong way if you know what I mean! It will certainly lighten your load! 😯

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    I think I'm seriously lacking in both of them.

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    @karenjanicki We are currently doing foot soaks every night. We started with a little water in a container, large enough for our feet, with lots of magnesium flakes. Every night, we add more flakes and hot water.

    Once we are done the 20 minute soak, we dry our feet off & go to bed. We listen to short YouTube whatevers during that soaking time...so they actually end! A couple 10 minute things to fill the time or 4-5 minute videos are plenty.

    With lunch, we were taking vit D3 & B100 Complex.

    We are purposefully doing these things hopefully so that they become habit.

    Just like the yogi tea.

    We add one thing at a time and before we add something new, we give the latest addition time to settle into routine.

    Next on the list of habits is ashwagandha powder. I have yet to decide how we are consuming that. Maybe in chocolate balls as Rosemary Gladstar suggests or with milk or golden milk or something, but I don't want it sitting at the bottom of the cup. That would be a waste in my opinion. @torey Any ideas? Would it stay suspended in milk or golden milk?

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    I have never had ashwagandha in a beverage before but I think if it is blended into a small amount of something first, before adding the bulk of the liquid, it will stay suspended. So a bit of honey or coconut oil or even a full fat milk should keep it from settling out. Golden Milk is probably a good beverage to try. As I am such a chocoholic, I'd be adding mine to cocoa.

    Following is a link to a recipe for "Moon Milk" which doesn't say to blend it in first so maybe that step isn't necessary. https://www.healthline.com/health/food-nutrition/moon-milk-ashwagandha#Recipe-for-Moon-Milk-

    This one is for "Pink Moon Milk". Sounds delicious! https://heartbeetkitchen.com/pink-moon-milk-sleep-tonic/

    In addition to Rosemary's chocolate balls, Rosalee has a recipe for Stress Balls with ashwagandha as one of the ingredients. https://learningherbs.com/remedies-recipes/home-remedies-for-stress/

    Or a similar one from the Herbal Academy: https://theherbalacademy.com/adaptogen-bliss-balls/

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    Thanks, @torey!