What are your plans for the new year?



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    @Denise Grant

    Decluttering is at the top of my list, too. Long process. Being intentional about it.

    I, too, have many interests and lots of classes to finish or delete. Good idea, that one.

    People - yeah. Sad but true. I'm reconnecting with my family after 12 years away. It's been good. And hard. There are conversations that I cannot have with my mom. Never will. But I've come to peace with that.

    Self care is so very important. Good for you for knowing that, and for beginning to take your needs seriously. Stay strong. Have some fun. Put yourself first on the important things.

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    We built our house 34 years ago. Neither my husband nor myself had held jobs in construction. We were both in the theatrical profession, so anything we made was put together with barely more than chewing gum, staples, glue and string. Theater sets (what you saw on a stage without the actors) only had to last a weekend or two at the most so building a house was quite a stretch. We live near a neighborhood where people have actually painted windows on facades, but we put in the real things without much guidance/help from others or the internet (not around back then).

    We moved into our house when we did because we thought the house would be finished and had given a certain date to the landlord that we would be out of our apartment and he held us to it. We moved in without flooring, walls, ceilings, laundry hook-up, telephones (no cell back then), stairs or a lawn. We tracked in red mud by the gallons, my father-in-law lay dying but we didn't have a phone, the two kids and us (husband and myself) got the flu (and desperately needed a washing machine), we both just started our jobs, plus we had a miscarriage.

    Here we are all these years later and the cabinets were about to fall down, the siding curled/missing, floor was all torn up, and the list goes on and on and on. We've raised four kids in a house built by a couple of young nimrods. It's still standing, but only by the grace of God.

    We started renovating/replacing items with our CoVid money and are learning how to do all those things that we did the wrong way the first time. It's been so much fun tearing apart things and laughing at how poor the craftsmanship was, figuring out how to make something from nothing and have it work, sitting back and not stressing out if we couldn't figure out a solution yet to a problem because nobody was going to see it but us. Opps! The wood for the desk top in the kitchen is too short for the space? Build a wine rack at one end. It's brought us together like it did years ago when we first worked together at college. We've been taking pictures and sharing stories with the kids. We're tired, old and having a heck of a good time.

    Our plan is to keep doing what we're doing. Life is great!

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    That is an amazing story @frogvalley! I love it!