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Here is a new website and book to check out:

"The Most Important Health Book of the 21st Century Shows You How to... Open the Door to a New World of Healing Options

​by David Allen, President, Medical Research Associates

Solve the Mysteries of Reversing Heart Disease, Halting Cancer, Preventing Diabetes, and Defeating Over 60 Additional Medical Conditions

“Get Ready for the Gold Standard for Alternative Medicine.” - Dr. Paul Beals of Georgetown University, a practicing physician for over 44 years.



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    My opinion after looking over the content in the link...

    I would be very careful with this company/book. It claims that it has the answers to everything and is taking a very long time trying to convince people that this book holds the truth to cure all, throwing out all sorts of carefully chosen but overused catch words and phrases. It is trying to give itself credibility as well through more that one avenue (experts, schools, etc., even saying, with different words than mine, that there are con artists out there). I am very cautious about anything that presents itself in this way.

    In the alternative medicine world, there is a lot of good information. There are also a lot of scam artists in this area because it is extremely lucrative...and they can appear very convincing. They are smart, savvy, & manipulative.

    Again, I would be cautious, especially right now when people are looking to be cured from the virus or have a new/renewed/heightened interest in their health & cures. It is the perfect time to launch a book with everything you need to know.

    I will not be buying this book (it is giving itself too much hype). I do not trust this type of marketing. It gives way too many red flags.

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    I am often marketed to with this type of Ad, it seems to be in fad, along with click tracking and commissions. I am dubious of how effective it is. It reminds me of K-Tel ads on TV and the products marketed at Circuses and Fairs, all of which I laughed at, and all of which had crowds gathering. Since you have a background in Sales & Marketing it would be interesting perhaps to discuss that in another thread.

    I look beyond the Ad to evaluate the product itself.

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    I did buy both the electronic and paper form of the book, plus books on Heart Health, and got some free digital books.

    I am still evaluating the books, but in looking at the ebook Encyclopedia, I would characterize the information as being fairly conservative (so far). Energy Medicine is excluded, for example. (The Body Electric, that is a subject for another day.) I was disappointed to see that some women's health concerns were not mentioned (sigh). I notice that there is some new information on dental health, including regrowing teeth with stem cells. Yipee! I am checking some treatments for conditions that I am able to treat, like recurrent bladder infections, and I find the advice to take cranberry juice of limited value.

    I collect Encyclopedias of various healing modalities and compare and contrast. I have found "there are many roads to Rome" for healing. :)

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    Free open source books, anyone? Thanks to @MikeF for the next link:

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    Very interesting. Once you have finished it would you mind giving an update? I'm curious what you're final thoughts on it will be.